A time and a place: Sci-Fi fans reveal time travel opinions

First published: 21-05-2014

If time travel was a reality, what would be your preferred method of transport and who would you take? We recently surveyed UK sci-fi fans about their views on everything related to time travel, and discovered which franchises the public hold dearest to their hearts.

33.65% stated The Tardis from the long running Dr Who series would be their preferred method of transport. The DeLorean car used by Marty McFly in the Back to the Future trilogy came trail blazing into a close second at 29.2%.

The series that turned Michael J Fox into a global megastar came out on top as the favourite time travel related franchise however, with a mammoth 22.25% of the votes - not bad considering the last film came out 24 years ago. Dr Who was a close second, taking a respectable 20.4%.

Doctor who?

When asked to choose their favourite Time Lord, we weren't surprised to see David Tennant top the list with 32.85% of votes. The actor was light years ahead of his nearest competition - series veteran Tom Baker was chosen by just 12.25%. The late Patrick Troughton was the least popular Doctor, with just 1.3% of the votes. Dr Who was also the preferred time travel companion for both men and women overall.

Sci-Fi fans were vocal about their views on Star Wars, despite the fact that it has never featured a time travel element in any of the six films released so far. 20.45% of those asked would welcome a time travel element into the highly anticipated Episode VII, but almost half (47.45%) were against it.

When it came to age, there were some distinctly different opinions about which time travel franchise is best. The 18-24 year olds gave Harry Potter a resounding thumbs up, with 34.89% stating it as their favourite; no surprise really, when you consider the eight films produced have raked in just short of 8 billion dollars at the global box office.

The over 55s surveyed were nowhere near as crazy about Hogwarts, with the majority of voters (27.1%) citing Star Trek as their favourite franchise. Captain Spock was also deemed as the perfect time travelling companion for the over 35s, with 15.07% of votes. The shows 'Guardian of Forever' proved less popular however; only 3.01% asked would choose it to embark on their perfect time travelling adventure.

Fact or fiction?

When it came to the realms of possibility regarding true life time travel, there were some interesting responses. 44.15% of respondents did not believe in time travel, and didn't think it would ever happen either. 25-34 year olds were the most sceptical of those asked, and 44-54 year olds were most likely to believe that time travel could actually occur.

The swinging sixties was the most popular time period, with 28.2% of respondents opting to go back to the peace loving decade given the chance. Despite the recent 90s fashion revival, it seems people are not nostalgic enough to want to head back to this period of time just yet, with only 7.3% women and 7.85% men opting for the decade that led us into the new millennium.

They say growing up is a hard thing to do, but this didn't stop the majority (39.3%) of the sci-fi fans surveyed from choosing their teenage years as the time of their life they would most like to re-visit.


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