A guide to the best fitness watch apps

First published: 16-05-2017

A quick guide to the best fitness watch apps

Polar Fitness Watch

When choosing a fitness watch that suits your lifestyle, you need to look beyond the watch itself. The software that helps to power the watch can make or break your fitness success.

We've listed our favourite fitness watch apps alongside the watches that work with them. Whether you're trying to track your daily steps or train for a multi-terrain marathon, find the right match for your complete fitness experience.

Polar Beat

White Polar Beat Fitness Watch

Free download available on iOS and Android

Amongst the most comprehensive fitness apps available today, Polar Beat is a multi-tiered app that serves as an electronic personal trainer.

Cater the app to your specific fitness goals by setting a plan, choosing from over 100 different sports profiles, and having it analyse your performance. It also features real-time heart rate monitoring, providing useful insight for professionals as well as amateurs.

Polar Beat is free, but users can pay for more features, depending on their fitness requirements. It's compatible with a range of Polar devices, including Polar fitness watches.

Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect Fitness Watch

Free download available on iOS, Android and Windows

Garmin offers a variety of fitness aids, including watches and navigators, hosted on the Garmin Connect app. Capable of connecting with a range of the brand's fitness devices, Garmin Connect provides personal training advice, fitness monitoring, and instant sport feedback.

The app's social element is what makes Garmin Connect stand out from the crowd. As one of the world's leading fitness device brands, Garmin has millions of users who can connect over the app. This allows for an extra social boost - users can give and receive feedback and motivation to push themselves harder.

Suunto Movescount

Suunto Watch

Free download available on iOS and Android

Suunto watches are designed for those who take fitness and adventure seriously, and the Suunto Movescount app is the perfect partner for these devices. It provides real time stats and feedback as well as a full activity history monitor. Just as the Suunto wristwear collection goes to the next level, so does the app.

As well as a detailed heart rate and calories burnt record, it generates heat maps that show where the most popular training routes are in your area. The social community is encouraged to provide training advice and tips, so you can enjoy feedback from like-minded fitness lovers.

Learn more about choosing the right fitness watch for your lifestyle with our sports watch guides for men and women.


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