A guide to 9-carat gold jewellery

First published: 11-12-2017

9-carat gold jewellery fancy link necklace

9-carat gold jewellery fancy link necklace (£965)

The term 'carat' relates to the percentage of pure gold in an item, and 9-carat gold contains 37.5% pure gold. The rest is made up of tougher, more durable metals, making it perfect for intricate jewellery, such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings.

Defined by its light, yellow tone, 9-carat gold jewellery is stunning, long-lasting, and affordable. We've carefully curated a collection of 9-carat jewellery, from bestselling rings to eye-catching bracelets and bangles, all of which demonstrate the beauty of this luxurious precious metal.

9-carat gold rings

9-carat gold flat-court band

9-carat gold flat-court band (£385)

Tough, durable, and easy on the eye, 9-carat gold rings can last a lifetime when properly taken care of. This 9-carat gold flat-court band (£385) features clean, contemporary lines that make for a subtle statement piece to add to your ensemble. Internal barrelling smooths off the inside edges though for full comfort.

9-carat gold d-shaped band

9-carat gold d-shaped band (£325)

With its rounded, tapered edges, this 9-carat gold d-shaped band (£325) is all the better for its sheer simplicity. Channelling a feminine elegance that will work seamlessly with formal and casual outfits alike, it's a versatile piece that can be worn for any occasion.

9-carat gold bracelets and bangles

9-carat gold curb link bracelet

9-carat gold curb link bracelet (£910)

Great for those who like a more stripped-back look, this classic 9-carat gold curb link bracelet (£910) features a delicate padlock and safety chain charm, along with intricate hand-soldered links. Both simple and beautiful, it's a hint of luxury that can be worn every day.

9-carat gold diamond bangle

9-carat gold diamond bangle (£2,075)

Adorned with a generous scattering of diamonds, offset by the warm gold tones of this sleek, rounded bracelet, this Italian made bangle (£2,075) is a fine piece of jewellery that oozes class and elegance. Pair it with a plain black blouse or dress and allow it to stand out as a statement piece.

9-carat gold necklaces

9-carat gold jewellery fancy link necklace

9-carat gold jewellery fancy link necklace (£965)

Everyone should have classic a gold necklace, and this fancy link necklace (£965) from Italy demonstrates why. From afar, it's a piece that looks relatively plain, however, closer inspection reveals its bold, graduated Spiga links that give the piece a 3D effect.

9-carat white gold heart necklace

9-carat white gold heart necklace (£245)

If you happen to love white gold, this 9-carat gold heart necklace (£245) is an elegant and traditional choice. The pretty link bracelet is understated and allows the oversized love heart to do all the talking.

9-carat gold earrings

9-carat gold heart iolite studs

9-carat gold heart iolite studs (£165)

Who can resist a pair of 9-carat gold, heart-shaped studs (£165)? Add some shimmering, violet iolite jewels into the mix and you have an alluring pair of earrings that command attention. The perfect accessory for a special occasion, they can add a fun flash of colour to a plain formal outfit, or match with a carefully chosen accessory.

9-carat gold Italian cubic zirconia hoop earrings


9-carat gold Italian cubic zirconia hoop earrings (£260)

If you have a cocktail party in your diary then you might want to consider these shimmering 9-carat gold hooped earrings (£260). Encrusted with a string of cubic zirconia jewels, they are perfect when partnered with a killer LBD.

Gold jewellery is the ultimate go-to accessory, be it a pair of everyday stud earrings or a sparkling necklace for date night. Durable by design, 9ct gold is much tougher than it looks, allowing you to enjoy your jewellery for years. Browse our collection of real gold jewellery, and discover your next new favourite item.


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