$900,000 watch unveiled by Gerald Genta

First published: 30-10-2009

Gerald Genta has just released a magnificently complicated watch for enthusiasts from around the world, though they'll have to stump up quite a bit of cash if it's to grace their wrist.

The Arena Metasonic, which will add to the company's range of striking watches, will retail for no less than $900,000 (£543,150) when it comes into full production - though it'll take a year to create each individual timepiece.

Each model of watch will be made up of around 850 parts for hand-wound models, while self-winding versions will have nearly 950 and perpetual calendar pieces will have over 1,100 items.

Gerald Genta watches aren't easy to get hold of, either: only 61 have been produced at Genta workshops since the brand's creation in 1994.

One brand aiming to relaunch itself with much lower price points is Accurist, which has struck up a deal with John Cleese to reprise his role after taking part in a famous campaign back in the 1970s for the watch manufacturer.


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