9 gift ideas to take your wedding anniversary to the next level

First published: 08-05-2015

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An anniversary is a really exciting event, however many years you are celebrating. While it can sometimes be tricky to know how to mark the occasion, there are lots of ways to celebrate that will be perfect for you and your partner.

Whether you're planning a big or small celebration, it is really easy to make a gesture that your significant other is sure to love, and will guarantee that your anniversary is a very happy one. If you're struggling for inspiration, then here are some tips to help you pick the ideal gift!

1. Picture this
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A photo album is a really great way to get you both reminiscing about the times you have spent together. Pick photos to build up a collection of memories, and order them either according to date or in themes, so you have holiday snaps in one section and fancy dress (for example) in another.

If you want to poke fun at how long ago some of the pictures were taken, you can even make your earliest snaps look vintage by way of clever photo editing, or good old-fashioned tea staining. Depending on how many years you are celebrating, you could try to narrow your selection down to just one picture per year, but if you just can't choose between them, pick as many as you like! This is a sure-fire way to bring back some really happy memories, while you should also leave room for the ones you have yet to make.

2. You've been framed If there is a picture you both really love, why not get it framed or put it on canvas to take pride of place on your wall? For something really quirky and unique, you could have the image displayed as an art-pop print, repeated multiple times in the same frame! Think Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe picture and you might be on the right lines. A big, bold photo image for your wall will really put you and your partner at the heart of your home, whilst also reminding you of a particularly happy memory.

3. Jewellery Jewellery is a really special way of showing someone you care. Far more intimate than other gifts, jewellery will rest directly against their skin and stand the test of time, making it the perfect option for your loved one.

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Cufflinks are great for gents, since they convey a sense of sophistication that other items of men's jewellery might not be able to achieve. These skeleton design cufflinks from Unique are particularly special, and their versatile colouring means he will find every occasion to wear them!

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For ladies, look out for a really elegant pair of earrings, as these can be beautiful items of jewellery without overpowering anything else she might be wearing. Pearls are a timeless and classic option, and these pearl earrings from Jersey Pearl have a really elegant fall to them, which is sure to complement any look.

Where ladies jewellery is concerned, you can look for something with the same gem as your anniversary. Every year has a different gem associated with it, (although after 25 years it's a new stone every five years), so find out which gemstones go with the anniversary you are celebrating to make your gift really meaningful.

4. It was a very good year Whatever gift you choose, make it extra special for this specific anniversary by making it relevant to the year you're celebrating. As well as gemstones, most years have a material associated with them - e.g., your first anniversary is paper, the second is cotton and so on. Therefore, finding something that incorporates that material will make your gift really thoughtful and relevant. Wood (fifth anniversary) could be perfect if you're framing a nice photo, and for the trickier ones like steel (11th) look out for something made with stainless steel - this could be anything from jewellery to a nice cafetiere. If you're looking to create an ongoing, growing anniversary memento, invest in small photo frames, and decorate one each year with that year's material to build up a collection of anniversary photos that are specific to each year. This could make a lovely feature in your home, or for something more low-key this is easily achievable as an album.

5. Flowers Flowers are always a popular choice for marking anniversaries. However, if you want to step things up a notch, try getting the same flowers that you had on your wedding day, to keep the memory of the day alive.

You can use these as a centrepiece for a meal (we'll come to that later), or as a corsage or boutonnière. If you're looking to keep things simple, though, a pretty bouquet should always be well-received!

6. Dinner for two
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Sometimes, nothing beats a romantic meal for two. If you're doing the cooking yourself, make your partner their favourite foods and give them the VIP treatment by waiting on them hand and foot. Set the mood with some candles, flowers and their favourite music in the background. Alternatively, you could recreating the entire menu from your wedding breakfast, and maybe the next day have something else inspired by the food from your honeymoon.

If you're heading out somewhere, see if you can make it a nice surprise for them. Give them a choice of a few outfits to wear (picking the things you know they look gorgeous in) and sweep them off their feet with a romantic evening they weren't expecting. If you want to go all out, you can even buy them a new outfit especially for the occasion, or ask the restaurant to play your first dance song during your meal.

7. Go on an anniversary holiday For something really special, why not head off somewhere for a romantic break? Whether you go near or far, you can really enjoy your time away together by escaping the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.

If you want to surprise them while you're away, have a day out planned that you know they'll love. If there's somewhere nearby they have always wanted to visit, factor that into your plans to make it a really special trip.

8. Try something new
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Why not plan to do something you know your partner has always wanted to do but never has, such as going on a boat ride, taking a trip in a hot air balloon, or trying a ballroom dancing class?

Chances are, you'll both enjoy it enormously, and it will also show them how well you've been listening. It may be something you start to do regularly (we hear ballroom dancing is very addictive).

9. Remember the day
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It might be nice to always have the day itself at the heart of your celebration. If there were any special moments or features of your wedding day, you could incorporate them into the gifts you exchange.

For example, if there was a particular reading at your wedding, have that framed or include it in your cards. If your wedding day had a specific colour scheme, why not reflect it in the gifts you give? Think about the details of your day, and something perfect will jump out at you. You may be able to choose something different every year, honouring every part of your wedding day.

However you choose to celebrate your anniversary, there are so many great gifts you can pick to commemorate the special occasion. Whether your gesture is big or small, there are lots of ways to show your loved one how much you care.


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