9 gift ideas to spread the love on Mothers Day

First published: 24-02-2016

Breakfast tray on a bed

Mums constantly work around the clock for us, and this is the one day where we say: put your feet up and have some time off. While we should always say thanks to our mums, this is the time of the year when it's super important to pick out a perfect gift that allows them to make time for themselves and relax a little more often.

With so many differing ideas on the high street these days, how can you hone your search for the ideal present? That's where we come in. We'll take you through nine ideas that are sure to put a smile on any mum's face, so you can make sure she has the best Mother's Day yet.

Mum's time away

Afternoon tea

Having a cup of tea at the end of a long day is something we all enjoy, whether it's on the sofa at home or out at a little café around the corner.

Give your mum the luxury of having a cuppa in style this year, and treat her to afternoon tea at a fancy hotel with a gorgeous view. And of course, there's more to it than just tea. Cake, sandwiches, and all manner of things make up the meal here - there's something for everyone.

Tickets to a play

Climbing slightly higher on the gift scale, this is a good option if you're looking to spend a little more on mum this year.

Get the family together and decide on a date you can all make. Your mum will appreciate that you've made the effort to do something high-brow, and that you're all doing it as a family - you've ticked at least two boxes in one go!

Spa day

While a good cup of tea ranks highly on the relaxation scale, a day at a spa scores higher still. Naturally, this will cost a little more than your average play tickets if you go for an all-out pampering session. However, the great thing is that spa prices can vary enormously, so you can spend as much or as little as you like.

Also, perhaps the best element of buying your mum a spa day as a gift is that they'll need someone to accompany them on the day, and that someone can be you! It's a win-win situation.

Mum's time off

candles and towel for relaxation

Bath accessories

As mums deserve more than just one day off per year, a gift that allows them to relax on a regular basis is always going to go down well. Items that can be used in the bath are ideal for achieving this, as you're encouraging your mum to make more time for herself in the evenings.

From bath bombs to candles, the list is almost endless, so you're able to pick out either one or several items that match up with your budget.

A good read

A book is a great present because it comes in handy in many places - from the sofa, to a long train journey. Your mum can even take it to the park on a sunny day, or simply read it on lunchtime at work.

Take a look at any current bestsellers list, cast an eye over titles that are coming soon, or even look back to the past for inspiration, and check out a list of the most thrilling novels of all time. Always bear in mind your mum's taste when it comes to literature though, and take a peak on her bookshelf to see what she likes.

Baking equipment

If your mum is a whizz in the kitchen, and you want to give her the chance to show off her flair and talent, giving some baking equipment and ingredients as a present is ideal. Whether it's buns or cookies that are on the menu, a mixing bowl, cutters, and baking trays all come in handy.

On a weekend, mum can get in the kitchen and create some cakes for after dinner - if they manage to last that long... And while she might do the lion's share of the mixing and baking, everyone in the family can certainly help with the eating!

Mum's time to shine

A new look

Mums are naturally quite busy people, juggling home and work life like no one else. For that reason, they rarely find the time to do a little spot of window shopping to spy on all the latest trends.

Clothes can be an extremely well-received gift if you get the recipient's style spot on, too. Take a look in her wardrobe, or look through old pictures to get some ideas of the colours and types of items she loves, and pick out an accessory that works with her favourite outfits.

Wrist wear

Much like a scarf or necklace, a watch can be the ideal thing to cap off an outfit. This Olivia Burton big dial watch is modern yet elegant in design, and therefore appeals to women with a range of fashion tastes.

Ladies' Olivia Burton Big Dial Watch

The face is large yet simple, and the varying shades of gold on the dial and face match perfectly with its pastel blue strap, which is made of real leather. It won't look out of place at afternoon tea or around the house, as it's subtle and chic enough to feel at home among many different events, both formal and informal.

Something sparkly

The ideal finishing element to an outfit can also be earrings. They add an extra bit of shine to mum's best dress, allowing her to look twice as dazzling with such a simple addition.

These Michael Kors earrings marry together the colours of rose and silver perfectly, allowing the wearer to not have to make the choice between one and the other.

Ladies' Michael Kors PVD rose plating earrings

They're also a versatile Mother's Day gift, as they can be saved for special occasions just as easily as they can be worn on a day to day basis. And with the Michael Kors emblem in plain sight, your Mum will look more fashion conscious than ever before.

With the Mother's Day gift market being so wide and open-ended, it's important to narrow down your search as best you can before you begin to hunt down that perfect present. With our collage of ideas here, you're certain to be able to give your mum the Mother's Day she has well and truly earned.


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