8 last minute christmas gifts

First published: 08-12-2014

The festive season is fast approaching and with it the frantic rush to ensure that the tree is up, the decorations are in place and the presents bought and, indeed, wrapped! However, with so little time and so much to do, it's inevitable that some things will just have to be left until the last minute. For those of you who are likely to find yourself panicking over presents, we've come up with a selection of Christmas gift ideas to ensure that you're all organised when the big day comes around.


Christmas hamper

Be it for a friend or relative, a Christmas hamper is the ultimate festive gift. Pop down to your nearest supermarket and make up your hamper with a range of delectable Christmassy delights for your nearest and dearest to enjoy. This could include mulled wine, mine pies, mini Stollen bites and cheese! Alternatively, make your gift all the more personal by filling the hamper up with their favourite items of food and drink.

A festive plant


If it's a gift for your mum or grandmother that you're after, then why not consider buying her a poinsettia? With their ability to brighten up any room, these wonderfully festive plants serve as Christmas decoration and can even be moved outdoors once the weather starts to turn warmer.


From dangly earrings and chunky bracelets, the options are endless when it comes to jewellery. For a female, a piece of jewellery makes for the perfect stocking-filler and is a wonderful accompaniment to any party outfit. A pair of cufflinks or a cygnet ring would be a suitable alternative for a guy.


The beauty of treating a loved one to a watch is that it can be as expensive or inexpensive a gift as you wish! Opt for a high-end designer watch as the main gift for a friend of family member, or instead, choose a cheap and cheerful everyday model to throw in their stocking. There's a whole range of styles out there for both males and females, young and old, so use your judgement wisely and plump for a watch that complements their personality.



Available in a range of sizes, shapes and scents, a candle is a classic gift that has the ability to give any room in the house a cosy Christmas feel. If you're looking for a festive candle, then why not opt for a deep red colour with a cinnamon scent?


If he or she loves to read, then you can't go wrong with a good book! Whether it's a light-hearted romance novel for your sister, or a captivating thriller for your dad, a book is sure to keep them entertained whilst crashing out on the sofa after a hearty Christmas dinner! And it's not just adults who can benefit from this gift - there's any number of interactive, educational and entertaining children's titles lining the shelves of bookstores across the country too!


There's a huge selection of fragrances out there, both for men and women, to cater for all tastes, so finding one that will suit your loved one shouldn't be too much of an issue. What's more, during the Christmas period, you'll find that many perfumes and aftershaves can be bought as part of a gift set, making your present all the more special as well as great value for money.


We all have that one friend or family member who's notoriously difficult to buy for, so why not play it safe and opt for a voucher? It could be for a slap up meal, a relaxing spa day or simply for a store that will suit their taste. By treating a loved one to a voucher, you're avoiding the risk of buying something that they don't like or need, whilst letting them do all the hard work!


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