7 of the best-looking sport and fitness watches

First published: 23-03-2017

Brains and Beauty Watches

Some of the best timepiece innovators have outdone themselves of late, producing some stunning, feature-packed sport and fitness watches that you'll want to show off whether you're getting your heart rate up in the morning or dressing up for a night on the town.

With eye-catching models from the likes of Gucci, Polar, Garmin and Maserati, with everything from Bluetooth technology to storm tracking, here are seven watches that have beauty and brains in equal measure.

  1. Casio Men's Edifice Time Traveller Bluetooth Hybrid

Casio Men's Edifice Time Traveller Bluetooth Hybrid

This handsome smart watch from the Casio Edifice collection caught our eye the moment it landed, and has been a popular buy from day one.

Built from robust stainless steel, the black face is populated with white, silver and a pop of green, completing its masculine aesthetic. Download the Casio Watch+ App to your smartphone and you can unlock a wealth of impressive features.

World time can be set instantly to close to 300 cities around the globe, while stopwatch data can be sent to your mobile, allowing you to record fitness progress without stopping to type or write it yourself.

Prone to losing your phone? At the touch of a button, the phone finder will make your mobile emit a distinctive tone to make retrieval child's play. Plus the `Tough Solar` feature reduces the need to change battery too, making this an economical choice.

  1. Garmin Unisex Vivomove Bluetooth Activity Tracker

Garmin Unisex Vivomove Bluetooth Activity Tracker

There are activity trackers and then there's the Garmin Vivomove Bluetooth Activity Tracker. Behind its sleek, oily black, minimalistic design lies many useful features, allowing you to do things like track steps and monitor sleep without cramping your style.

And, unlike your average activity tracker, the watch boasts a powerful one-year battery, so there's no need for a charger.

  1. Polar Unisex Loop 2 Sorbet Pink Bluetooth Tracker

Polar Unisex Loop 2 Sorbet Pink Bluetooth Tracker

Pink is in vogue for 2017, which only makes this bold and beautiful number from Polar all the more appealing (it's available in white and black too). The sorbet pink Loop 2 not only makes for a perfect fashion accessory, but tracks calories, counts steps and distance and provides sleep quality data.

Once hooked up with the Polar Flow App, you can view graphs and charts detailing your fitness achievements, and identify areas for improvement. Smartphone addicts will also be pleased to know the Loop 2 will vibrate to let you know when you have incoming calls and texts.

  1. Huawei Unisex W1 Android Bluetooth Smart Watch

Huawei Unisex W1 Android Bluetooth Smart Watch

Blending classic Swiss design with forward-thinking tech, this stunning W1 watch from Huawei is a bit of a chameleon with its interchangeable strap and customisable face (similar to on other Android Wear devices). With the choice of sleek, black leather or silver mesh, you can mix this watch up with several looks, whilst the endless number of face combinations mean you'll never get bored.

A powerful activity tracker, the watch also has a built-in heart rate sensor, barometer, accelerometer and gyroscope, while super-fast charging means you won't be clock-watching as it gets juiced up.

  1. Ball Men's Fireman Storm Chaser Pro

Ball Men's Fireman Storm Chaser Pro

The Ball Storm Chaser Pro is not only a knockout in the looks department, but benefits from some unique features you won't find elsewhere.

Designed to pay homage to those that put their lives at risk to study extreme weather conditions, this watch can gauge the distance of a storm by measuring speed and sound, and also utilises micro gas tubes to illuminate the hands and numerals for a glow 100 times brighter than luminous paint. Ideal for optimal night reading capability.

Its soft, black leather strap with orange stitching make it a comfortable wear. If you want to impress your pals, the watch has an 'exhibition case' which means you can flip it over and look through a glass window at the interior mechanics.

  1. Gucci Grammy Special Edition Chronograph

Gucci Grammy Special Edition Chronograph

Designed exclusively to celebrate America's most prestigious music ceremony, The Grammys, the Gucci Grammy Special Edition for ladies is sporty, stylish and distinctively Gucci. The chunky, white rubber strap is emblazoned with the iconic G logo, while the futuristic space-age face is circled with an elegant, chrome case.

As well as a nifty chronograph, this robust designer watch features a date and time function and is waterproof up to 30m.

  1. Maserati Men's Traguardo Chronograph

Maserati Men's Traguardo Chronograph

If you've always wanted a Maserati luxury car, but don't have the bank balance to afford the payments on the near-£50K list price of the cheapest model, perhaps you can console yourself with this equally attractive chronograph timepiece.

The black rubber strap uses the super-brand's logo to great effect, embossing it above the 12 o'clock position, while the silver face strikes a fine balance between classic and contemporary style, which is finished off with a shiny stainless steel case.

Picking out a watch that helps power your workout, but also looks good on your wrist has never been easier. The seven watches above make up just a fraction of our entire collection - if you haven't seen anything you like, shop the full range of sports watches and fitness watches.


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