7 beautiful leather watches

First published: 24-08-2016

Stylish and sophisticated, leather strap watches are perfect for anyone who wants to own a timeless yet fashionable timepiece. Their versatility means they can look the part whatever the occasion, whether worn in a professional environment, as a casual daily piece or for a night on the town.

With plenty of shades to choose from, ranging from classic brown or black to more striking colours such as olive green, the options are endless. We've picked out seven of the latest and most beautiful leather strap watches to help spark some inspiration for those looking for a timepiece with a touch of class.

Smart Turnout Ladies' Time Watch

Smart Turnout ladies

Smart Turnout are a quintessentially British brand that launched in 1999, originally selling jumpers, ties, socks and cufflinks. They have since gone on to produce wrist attire, with eye-catching pieces for both men and women in a variety of styles.

This stunning Ladies' Time Watch features an olive green leather strap, which is complemented perfectly by its rose casing and hands. The strap colour gives a modern twist to an otherwise classic piece, with its crisp white face and Roman numerals.

Timex Unisex Weekender Fairfield Watch

Timex mens

Established in 1854, U.S.A based Timex are no strangers when it comes to crafting handsome timepieces. The above watch is a great example of how keeping the design relatively simple goes a long way.

The beautiful tan leather strap is a perfect contrast to its fuss-free black face with grey detailing, making this watch a stylish option for the fashion-forward.

Alpina Men's Seastrong Diver Heritage Watch

Alpina mens

Black leather watch straps are ideal for anyone who wants something that looks the business in a professional environment.

This handsome piece from Alpina combines a timeless, vintage aesthetic with a modern sense of style, making it a choice pick for the sophisticated male who likes the finer things in life.

Bulova Men's Ultra Slim Watch

Bulova mens

With its beautiful dark chocolate brown leather strap, this elegant Bulova Men's Ultra Slim Watch is as refined as they come. The subtle rose tinted casing and simplistic face helps give the watch a luxurious finish, which is typical of the iconic American brand.

Radley Ladies' Abbey Woodlands Watch

Radley ladies

This striking timepiece from Radley is perfect for those looking for something a bit unusual. The delicate, thin leather strap features the brands distinctive Scottie dog logo, whilst the face features four different colours to great effect. The rose plated casing helps complete the contemporary feel of this beautiful watch.

Maurice Lacroix Men's Eliros Moonphase Watch

Maurice Lacroix mens

This rather dashing piece from Maurice Lacroix demonstrates Swiss watchmaking art at its finest. The brown leather strap features the subtle silver 'M' logo, whilst the eye-catching silver face with Roman numerals gives the watch more than a hint of class. The moon, stars and dark night sky image in the centre of the face adds a unique touch to its flawless design.

Lola Rose Ladies' Agate Watch

Ladies white watch

Combining classic design with eye-catching imagery, this gorgeous watch from Lola Rose comes with a slender, white leather strap and a rose tinted stainless steel case. The beautiful face pays tribute to nature with a stunning print of snowflake agate, whilst the use of Roman numerals helps to give the watch a vintage touch.

Whether you go for a clean and classic design or for a bolder, more contemporary look, a leather strap watch is a versatile fashion accessory for anyone looking to add a touch of class to their wrist.


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