7 Retro Gifts for her

First published: 01-12-2014

Over the past few years, we've seen the popularity of retro products soar. No longer are we set on owning the most modern and advanced products, rather we're just as intent on buying second hand items or simply those which have an old-school feel.

Thanks to their unique and timeless qualities, retro products are not only worthwhile investments, but they also make for the ultimate gift for any big occasion. This week, we've put together a round-up of retro gift suggestions for that special female in your life, be it your other half, a relative or your best friend.


Tea set

Used in quaint cafés across the country, a vintage china tea set is a must-have for every girl with a penchant for tea drinking. Most often available in pastel shades and decorated with flowers, they're quirky, cute, and are the ideal gift for your favourite female! You can often pick these up at knockdown prices in an antique shop or even your local charity shop - you'd be amazed at the bargains you can find.


Forget abstract modern art, because nowadays it's all about decorating your walls with propaganda posters from the wartime era, or Andy Warhol-esque prints in bold colours. They're the ideal way to add a splash of colour to any lack-lustre living area, or drab dining room, while they also provoke a feeling of nostalgia. Vintage style film poster prints are also in demand, and can be picked up online or in stores for under ten pounds.

Record players and vinyls


Although everyone nowadays chooses to play their music via their laptop or sound system, a record player is always a valuable household addition. While the sound generated from a turntable may not be crystal clear, it's far more unique and the distinctive crackle has certain warmth to it that MP3s and CDs don't. What's more, vinyl records with their iconic sleeves can be picked up at flea markets and record stores at extremely reasonable prices, many of which are collectors' items.

Old school camera

While most stick to using their smartphones when it comes to taking a photograph, analogue and Polaroid cameras are making a definite comeback. These retro items have the ability to produce extraordinary images that make the moment captured appear as though it took place many moons ago!

Dutch bicycle

If you're in need of a gift for a particularly special occasion or you've got a little more cash to splash, a Dutch bicycle might just be the perfect solution. Available in a range of colours, and often accompanied by a wicker basket, this trusty two-wheeled vehicle is without a doubt one of the trendiest means of getting from A to B!

Casio wristwatch

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Reminiscent of the 80s, Casio's range of retro watches have been reappearing on the wrists of trendy twenty-something's in recent years. For a big birthday or important anniversary, the gold and silver metallic versions are the ideal gift, while the brightly coloured plastic styles are reasonably priced enough to include in her Christmas stocking!

Vintage jewellery

Be it a gold locket, pearl earrings or an ornate broach, a piece of vintage jewellery is sure to make any lady feel special. Such classic accessories can add the finishing touch to any outfit and will always serve as a reminder of the special occasion for which they were bought.


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