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6 Red Hot Watches For Men and Women

First published: 23-03-2017

Lacoste Men's Westport Chronograph Watch

Bold and unapologetic, red fashion can feel daunting for some; it's a bold, statement-making shade. But it's also sophisticated, and a little sexy.

Red accessories are perfect for injecting some vibrancy into your wardrobe. Especially if you're looking for a pop of colour, rather than a head-to-toe fashion statement. Let's explore some of the very best red watches to wear. Whether for a casual day out, the office nine-to-five, or for a formal occasion.

Casual red watches

Spending a day at the shops or catching up with friends over lunch? A casual red watch is the ideal fashion accessory, and can be paired with dark jeans, relaxed knitwear or a slouchy shirt. The perfect `just thrown together' look.

  1. Swatch Unisex Puntarossa Watch

Swatch unisex Puntarossa watch

Swatch is the undeniable leader of casual timekeeping, with a range of watches that are affordable, comfortable, and long-lasting. The unisex Puntarossa red watch is a playful timepiece that adds a fun red splash to your outfit without overwhelming the look.

  1. Kate Spade Ladies' Kenmare Watch

Kate Spade Ladies' Kenmare Watch

A little more high-end but just as mischievous is the Kate Spade New York Kenmare ladies' watch. Designed in the shape of a bow, this pretty watch coloured in red and gold features a comfortable leather strap, along with a tiny watch face that allows the design and the colour scheme to do all the talking.

At the office

Even workplaces with the strictest workwear codes should accommodate a red watch; choose a style that wears the colour carefully balanced with professional features across the face, metallic detailing, and strap.

  1. Lacoste Men's Westport Chronograph Watch

Lacoste Men's Westport Chronograph Watch

The men's Lacoste Westport watch is a perfect example of professional-meets-fun. The large chronograph face dominates the design with white, grey and silver, and just a touch of red on the second hand. The accompanying red strap adds vibrancy to the design; enough to make this timepiece stand out for all the right reasons.

  1. Anne Klein Ladies' Mayfair Watch

Anne Klein Ladies' Mayfair watch

Approaching the red theme from a different angle, this ladies' Anne Klein Mayfair watch features deeper burgundy colouring, which maintains a professionalism that suits the workplace. The large face with gold detailing creates a fashion statement, while the delicate metal strap means this timepiece will flatter even delicate wrists.

Elegant nightwear

Red watches don't have to be kept for the daytime. In fact, choose the right watch, and you'll have a conversation piece that's perfect for an evening event.

  1. Gucci Ladies' G-Timeless Watch

Gucci Ladies' G-Timeless Watch

Gucci is an elite fashion brand that approaches everything with the same designer flair, including its range of luxury watches. The ladies' G-Timeless watch is a perfect example not just of a red timepiece, but of a timepiece that exemplifies elegance.

The wide leather strap allows this watch to double up as a cuff, while the embroidery across the face adds the inspired Italian flair Gucci is famous for.

  1. Victorinox Swiss Army Men's I.N.O.X. Professional Diver Watch

Victorinox Swiss Army Men's I.N.O.X. Professional Diver Watch

It may be a professional-standard diving watch, but the Victorinox I.N.O.X. for men won't look out of place with a smart suit, either. The quality rubber strap makes this timepiece comfortable to wear in all conditions, while the red colouring coupled with silver detailing across the face is as elegant as it is bold - the ideal style statement for a formal occasion.

Red watches are a great way to bring bold colouring to your wardrobe, whether that's at home, work or for a special occasion. Explore all the Watch Shop collection for more red watches for women and for men.




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