5 mind-blowing gift ideas for your parents' wedding anniversary

First published: 27-10-2014


Buying presents for parents can be something of a nightmare at the best of times - what do you buy the couple that seemingly have everything? When it comes to a wedding anniversary, and in particular a special one, such as silver or gold, you really feel you owe it to them to make it a momentous occasion, topped off with a gift that's both memorable and unique.

Your parents have most likely put up with a lot from you over the years, from the sleepless nights and endless nappy changes, through to those often awkward and difficult teenage years. And how could you have ever possibly afforded that first car or mortgage deposit without the trusty old bank of mum and dad? Show them your appreciation and make their special day one to remember with a mind-blowing gift they won't forget in a hurry.

Converted old footage onto DVD


Depending on how old your parents are and when they got married, there could well be some old footage of their wedding floating around on 35mm, an old camcorder or even VHS. The chances are that if it does exist, it's sat gathering dust in the loft, with the device to play it on either broken or simply redundant compared with today's technology.

There are numerous specialists out there who have the equipment to convert old formats onto DVD or a digital file so that the whole family can relive the memories from the comfort of your living room. If you're lucky enough to have footage of family holidays, or other family events you may have stored on your smartphone, these could also be included too. The Tape Men are just one of many companies that offer such a service.

Luxury spa weekend

Although weekend spa breaks are often something you may think would be best suited to mum, there are some great destinations out there that can incorporate a wealth of activities they will both adore. There are numerous country mansion retreats dotted around the UK that offer not only a relaxing spa experience, but fine-dining, golf and horse riding. The other option could be to book them in for an indulgent weekend at a nearby five-star hotel where they can put their feet up, enjoy some treatments and forget about the daily grind and household chores.

Engraved watches

A watch can make the perfect gift, as it's not something we always buy ourselves and there are numerous types suited for different occasions. Watch Shop have some classic timepieces that would make perfect anniversary gifts for mum and dad; why not add the personal touch by having them engraved locally with the date of their wedding? This way, your dad has no excuse to forget their anniversary again!

Memories photo album


Although this may seem like a simplistic idea, physical photos are rarely printed out these days with social media and digital taking over. You could gather together photos that span their entire relationship, including family occasions and perhaps even drawings from their grandchildren. Not all parents are on Facebook, and so often miss out on a lot of the photos many of us take for granted. Photobox are one of many companies that have a range of options available to ensure your images are beautifully presented in a personalised, keepsake book.

Homemade Hamper

There are numerous pre-packaged hampers on sale from chain department stores and more high-end brands too, and although often nice, they can be overpriced and a little impersonal, with several items that may go untouched. A better option would be to draw up a list of items you know they will like and get the entire family to contribute. You could add some perfume or scented candles from Jo Malone for mum, perhaps some vintage whiskey for dad, and then a selection of special treats and a framed family photo they can keep forever.


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