5 best fitness watches for 2017

First published: 23-12-2016

If youre aiming to get healthier in 2017, there are a massive range of fitness watches for you to choose from.

From calorie counting functions and heart rate monitors to on-screen workouts and GPS trackers, here are five of the best fitness watches that will pretty much do everything to keep you on track apart from the workout itself, of course.

1. Fitbit Unisex Blaze

Fitbit Unisex Blaze Watch

One of the most impressive fitness watches on the market has to be the Fitbit Blaze. Built to support running, cycling and other sporting activities, it gives you real-time performance stats directly to your wrist to help ensure your workouts are on point.

The Pure Pulse continuous heart rate monitor provides live updates from your ticker, while the Fit Star facility displays on-screen workouts to follow in the gym. The Fitbit Blaze is also easy on the eye, making it perfect for people who are fans of style and fitness.

2. Suunto Unisex Spartan Racer

Suunto Unisex Spartan Racer Watch

With a battery life of up to 16 hours in training mode and a super-accurate GPS tracker, the Suunto Spartan Racer is programmed to perform no matter what. Able to support tracking of over 80 different sports, it can be paired with a smartphone to unlock highly detailed insights into your fitness progress ideal for anyone who takes their sport seriously.

3. Polar Unisex V800

Polar Unisex V800 Watch

Used by professional athletes to help reach peak performance, the Polar V800 comes with a chest-strap heart rate monitor to guarantee pin-point accurate pulse readings, even when immersed in water. The Smart Calories feature lets you know how much fuel youve burned, based on your individual statistics, maximum heart rate and how hard youre training.

Training Load feature gives you the power to compare previous sessions, and Training Benefit delivers motivating feedback as soon as your workout is over, letting you know the positive effects of your session. Great for staying the course throughout 2017.

4. Epson Unisex Runsense SF-510F

Epson Unisex Runsense SF-510F Watch

The Epson Unisex Runsense offers remarkably intelligent fitness tracking, using its built-in Smart Stride Sensor to measure stride strength. It also learns your personal technique, which allows it to continue tracking pace and distance even if your GPS signal is lost.

Pairing with the Run Connect app on your smartphone opens a wealth of options, including the ability to share stats perfect for those who thrive from a bit of friendly competition.

5. Timex Unisex Ironman Move X20

Timex Unisex Ironman Move X20 Watch

This sleek and surprisingly affordable Timex Unisex Ironman Bluetooth Watch packs a lot more power than its compact size might suggest. As well as tracking your distance, steps and calories, the Ironman also monitors sleep time and quality, and can be paired to a smartphone via Bluetooth to unlock additional features.

On top of all that, it lets you know when you have incoming calls and texts, and even has a built-in phone finder, making this watch a godsend for anyone prone to misplacing their mobile. A great choice for anyone looking for a fitness and smartwatch combined.

Keeping up with a brand-new health regime can be tough in the new year, but the right fitness watch can provide that extra motivation to keep the good work going. If you didnt see a model that caught your eye in this post, look at the rest of our extensive fitness watch collection, and our smartwatch range.


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