4 seriously resilient diving watches for every budget

First published: 09-08-2017

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Diving watches are among the most popular types of sports watches available. They come with special features that go beyond time keeping, and are traditionally designed to be a tool for deep water exploration.

The popularity of diving watches extends beyond the deep diving community and into the broader market. Designer and high-end luxury diving watches have specialist features that make them unique from other sports watches.

Find out everything you need to know about diving watches, and check out some of our favourite brands and designs.

What is a diving watch?

As you might expect, one of the most important features of a diving watch is water resistance. Diving watches have the functionality to be submerged for extended periods of time in deep water - they can usually be used at least 100 feet below the surface, by official diving standards.

A rotating bezel is a very common feature on a diving watch. Used to help mark periods of time passing, a diving watch rotating bezel needs to display up to 60 minutes of time with clearly marked time intervals, to allow wearers to see how much time has been spent under water.

Another common feature is a set of brightly coloured hands, particularly on the second hand. In the dark depths of the ocean, the wearer can clearly see the passing of time so they're aware of how much air supply they have left. Above the surface, it helps to create a fashion statement.

Our favourite diving watches

Diving watches are available from lots of different designers and creators, with price points to suit almost every budget. The more expensive the watch, the more features it typically comes with, but even our lowest priced diving watches are beautifully made, reliable, and include everything that makes a diving watch special.

Promaster Divers Watch

The Promaster Divers watch (£249) from Citizen is everything you need in a deep-water timepiece. With a black rubber strap and water resistance to 200 metres, the watch also comes with a clearly marked rotating bezel and brightly coloured hands for clarity.

The stainless-steel case provides an attractive finish, while Citizen's Eco-Drive fuels the movement for accuracy you can rely on. It's a perfect beginners' diving watch that will make a welcome addition to any watch collection.

Tissot Seastar 1000 Watch

For a subtle nod to the nautical, few diving watches blend style with practicality quite as well as the Tissot Seastar 1000 watch (£475). The bright blue face and bezel contrast beautifully with the white hands for very easy reading, also adding a splash of colour to a suit or formal outfit.

The device utilises Tissost's legendary Swiss engineering to create a high-quality watch with a water resistance of 300 metres. The silver metal bracelet looks clean and professional, while the sapphire glass gives it a hardy, stylish finish.

Precisionist 140th anniversary edition watch

Created to celebrate 140 years of innovation, the Precisionist 140th anniversary edition watch (£636) from Bulova is a remarkable timepiece. The movement is famous for its precision, which spans across all features on the watch.

The solid stainless-steel case and bracelet make this a durable timepiece, with a water resistance of 300 metres and a bright green second hand for timekeeping clarity. This is a serious piece of equipment which will suit sea divers and keen watch collectors alike.

Khaki Frogman Watch

The Khaki Frogman watch (£1,150) from Hamilton might look like a very simple timekeeping device, but there's serious technology hidden beneath the surface. A watch that was created for the US Navy, it continues to lead the diving watch market today.

The timepiece is water resistant to 1,000 metres, with a helium escape valve and Swiss-made automatic movement. The case is made from titanium, and the glass is sapphire, making a highly durable watch that can stick with you in any circumstances.

Diving watches are available for almost every price range, with luxury timepieces containing features for serious divers and amateurs alike. Browse the full divers watch collection at Watch Shop, with excellent timepieces from big name brands.


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