2012 'to see release of interesting watches'

First published: 04-01-2012

Watches are set to see a big comeback over the next 12 months as companies aim to grab the attention of consumers with a range of new products and innovations.

The coming year will see a wide variety of products released on to the market, according to Sarah Bench, content writer at Watches.org.uk. She explained that both general consumers and watch connoisseurs will be looking with interest at the new designs being released.

She explained many manufacturers will be feeling the need to keep up pace with demand  for more reliable timekeeping, while others will be seeking to offer an alternative to using mobile phones to tell the time or other items of jewellery.

In particular, the new products being released by Omega, Timex and Casio were singled out as offering more choice to those in search of something created with flair and quality design.

"Notable watches will include Omega's London 2012 watch - designed to commemorate the Olympics held in London, UK, this year," Ms Bench said.

She added that another timepiece sure to be in demand is the updated version of the Seamaster watch that was worn by Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace.

As there will only be a small number of these watches made, they are certain to be highly prized among collectors.

However, for those looking for something a little more affordable, the watch expert suggested that glamour will be a big trend and advised looking for timepieces which have been adorned with crystals around the bezel.

Manufacturers have already created a watch specially for the coming year, as it created a timepiece to mark the arrival of the Chinese year of the dragon at the end of the month.

Coming in a matching display case, the watch is adorned with the image of a traditional Chinese dragon. 


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