10 Top Gifts For Graduation

First published: 03-07-2015

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Graduation is a very special occasion, both for the graduates themselves and their families. Years of hard work have paid off and you all get to enjoy a really happy day to mark the end of their university experience.

For the graduates, the relief of finishing at last might well be reward enough. However, you may be on the lookout for a gift to commemorate the occasion. If so, we're on hand to give you a few suggestions, helping you to find something absolutely perfect for such a special day.

University memorabilia

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Every university has their own collection of items for students to remember their time there. From hoodies and tracksuit bottoms to the classic pens and fridge magnets, there are bound to be gifts available from the campus shops that will be perfect.

Chances are, on the day, you will be able to buy a 'class of…' hoodie or jumper, which will make a great present for the lucky graduate. These typically have students' names printed on them - or at least the opportunity to have this done - so they can be really personal too.


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If properly looked after, jewellery is a gift that can last a lifetime, making it a great option for a graduation present. Be it a ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings, you can pick something suited to your graduate and make it very personal and special to them.

The right item could be worn for the graduation ceremony itself, so consider this when you pick out your gift. A bracelet will be especially nice and will feature in their graduation pictures when holding their scrolls.

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Say cheese!

A whole lot of memories will have been made during the university experience, so the perfect gift for the graduate in your life could be a framed photo of one of their favourite moments at university.

Picking one moment might be a bit tricky, though, so why not make a digital photo album for them which shows off the highlights of their student years. This will be particularly useful to them if their post-student digs don't have enough wall space to display all their favourite photos!

Celebration meal

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A great way to commemorate the day, a meal at a nice restaurant would be a lovely way to spend the evening after the graduation ceremony.

Having just spent the last few years on a student budget, chances are your graduate hasn't indulged in that many dinners out, so this is an opportunity to really treat them! If you're feeling extravagant, you could even order some champagne to make a toast to their success.

Paint the town red

If a fancy meal isn't really their cup of tea, then treat your graduate to something a little bit different. Are they a huge music fan, but not been to many gigs while they've been studying hard? Tickets to a concert they will love will be a great gift to say 'well done'.

Indeed, most students go on fewer big nights out while they're studying for their final exams, so treating them to a night out on the town is sure to be greatly appreciated! Give them the opportunity to really let their hair down - they've earned it!


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A watch is an ideal coming-of-age gift and is regularly given as a present to celebrate graduation. Many people choose watches that are appropriate for work as well as play, making them a versatile and useful gift.

Much like jewellery, a watch can last a lifetime, so look for one that is classically styled so it can stand the test of time. This Olivia Burton watch is an ideal option for a young lady, featuring date and chronograph functions to keep her on time, all the time.

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It's in the bag

A really great gift to ready them for the world of work could be a bag, briefcase or laptop case for use in interviews or at the office - one that looks sophisticated and professional, but still has a hint of personality.

Something with plenty of room for all their essential items will be ideal, while you could even fill it with a few items you know they will need when they start a new job. This could include notepads, pens and any of the other items we all use every day.

A business card holder is another great option, giving them something to aspire to in their new working life.

Get organised

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Most students learn a thing or two about time management during their degrees (especially in the dreaded final year), but they could all still probably benefit from a diary or organiser as they hunt for a job and start working.

Be it a paper diary or a tablet, there are so many options for organisers that will suit someone on the brink of their new working life. This is one gift they are bound to appreciate!

Office-wear A/W 2015

While they may well have a few work-appropriate items in their wardrobe already, a lot of graduates could probably do with stocking up before they start working. Therefore, a gift of a few office clothes will be a great way to commemorate their graduation. Look out for good quality items that have simple colours - maybe leave the floral patterns for a different occasion.

If you don't feel confident picking something out yourself, a really simple option is to give them a voucher for somewhere they can buy some work clothes.


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More appropriate for young men, cufflinks are a really lovely graduation gift that will certainly stand the test of time. Whether you pick ones suitable for interviews or formal events, cufflinks will keep him looking sophisticated and smart with minimal effort.

Take a look through our selection of cufflinks here if you want to find the perfect pair.

On such a special occasion, you want a gift that will be similarly meaningful and memorable. Pick something appropriate for this turning point in their life and your graduate is bound to really appreciate it!


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