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    Product Description

    Bold and brave in style, the black Mega Chief watch, from Diesel's Mega Chief collection, is ideal for men that want to make a statement.

    The Mega Chief benefits from full chronograph functionality, with the addition of three subdials and ability to measure elapsed time, character to a chronograph watch. Usability is further added by the addition of a date window placed at 3 o'clock, between two raised black blocks, embossed with Diesel branding and the model name.

    A matte black stainless steel bracelet strap is accompanied by a similarly coloured case and dial, the latter which is adorned with the archetypal detailing of a chronograph watch. The black dial features high-vis baton hour markers and hands, alongside a numerical hour marker at 12 o'clock, adding a unique finish to this stylish timepiece. Fastens with a black metal bracelet, the details on this timepiece just pop out effortlessly and looks fantastic on the wrist.

  • Water-resistant to 100m, great for swimming
  • Date function so the wearer always has the date right at their wrist
  • Powered by a quartz watch movement for superb time accuracy
  • Chronograph function for elapsed time measurement, adding functionality
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    Product Specifications

    Brand DieselAnalogue/Digital AnalogueCase depth approx. 12.00mmPrimary Material Plated Stainless SteelCase Shape CircleCase width approx. 51.00mmChronograph YesClasp type Push-button DeploymentDial Colour BlackMultiple Time Zones Display NoneGender GentsGlass CrystalModel Collection AdvancedModel Name ChiefMovement Source JapanMovement QuartzStrap colour BlackStrap Type Metal braceletWater Resistance 100 metresWeight (g) 204.00BARCODE 4051432896750Guarantee 2 years

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    Diesel watches are an ideal choice if you like a statement watch that’s packed with function. Choose from classic stainless steel, robust leather, or bold silicone designs, or opt for high-tech smartwatch models with multiple time-zone indexes and activity tracking.

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    Ratings and Reviews

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    Average rating: 4.95 / 5

    Trusted Customer | Thu 13th December 2018 |

    Absolutely perfect! Purchased as a gift for my husband and he loved it! Seemed a little big at first but the larger face is actually really good worn!

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    TOM H | Mon 21st January 2019 |

    This is my first watch from Watchshop and I'm very very Impressed with the look the feel of this watch , it looks & feels very sturdy. It has a look that wouldn't be out of place with the armed forces . It has a very clear face and the hands are brilliantly Bright luminous in the dark , this was one of the things I'd been looking for & overall this watch has a very good look.

    82 out of 165 people found this review helpful
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    Trusted Customer | Tue 3rd April 2018 |

    Great service and very prompt.

    20 out of 44 people found this review helpful
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    Trusted Customer | Mon 4th December 2017 |


    20 out of 38 people found this review helpful
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    Marek | Sun 8th January 2017 |

    138 out of 269 people found this review helpful
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    Purplestorm | Sat 31st December 2016 |

    Lovely watch, is bigger in reality than the photo shows!

    104 out of 212 people found this review helpful
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    Paul Veness | Sat 31st December 2016 |

    Great delivery

    86 out of 212 people found this review helpful
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    Bruno | Tue 13th December 2016 |

    Mens Diesel Mega Chief Chronograph Watch DZ4283.

    I love the bold look of the Diesel Mega Chief style watches. There are many colors available, and I chose this black and white one for a more tactical/sport look. I was in love with this watch from the first image I saw. I had been searching a large watch like this for a long time and finally found it. I bought this watch to wear in a crowd as this one stands out with its large attractive face. It blends in well in a casual setting, but the watch is also very striking and bold with its all black impression and bright white markings. I appreciate the fact that it has a traditional style but just enlarged a bit to look attractive and masculine. Having analog hours, minutes, and seconds hands as well as a chronograph stopwatch is very much appreciated.

    This watch is a fantastic value. It has an attractive, oversized black face with black stainless steel casing. The weight feels solid and comfortable on the wrist, and if you are searching for a large watch, you couldnt find a nicer looking one. The color scheme of the face is a dark, glossy black background with white decorative elements and white markings. The styling is modern and clean, the printing is very crisp and clear, and the mechanism works precisely.

    UNBOXING - Initial impressions

    I think this watch has its own charm, and, like I said, I was smitten from the first time I saw a picture of it. Sophistication and style emanates from every angle when viewing this attractive, crisp timepiece. The original Diesel packaging that the watch arrived in is a sturdy black box made of stiff fiber board material, very sturdy. The watch rested safely inside on its own black cushion pillow. Open the box and you feel that this is a sophisticated device. The watch comes with an official 2 year Diesel warranty to cover manufacturing defects or mechanical failures. Per the specifications, the watch is water resistant to 10 bars 100 meters of depth. This is sufficient for using the watch while showering, swimming, or snorkeling. But if one needs a watch for diving, you should search for a higher level of resistance. In fact, most Diesel watches will rarely face an issue in the first 2 years. Nonetheless, the 2 year warranty gives you peace of mind and speaks more to the manufacturing quality and the fact that the brand stands behind their product with reliability. In fact, one need not be worried much about the quality as the watch is straight from the Fossil watches factory due to a partnership between Fossil and Diesel in creating the Mega Chief watches series. The watch manual is also found in the box. It is a very thick manual due to the fact that it has been translated into many international languages in order to be user friendly. Nonetheless, this watch is simple enough to just put on and start using, and I did not find the need to consult that manual except for one point later.

    AESTHETICS - Large style watch

    Coming back to the look of the Diesel watch itself. The most striking feature of this watch is that it is extremely large with a 40 millimeter face width and 11 millimeter case depth. See the attached picture. When I ordered it, I was a bit worried whether it would look too big and ostentatious. I am tall but rather skinny and do not have very large wrists. However, those worries were quickly removed as I wore it the first time. First, the watch has a pleasing heavy feel to it and feels made of solid quality. Second, although the watch face is very large, it fits fully on my wrist, but is not too large. I got used to wearing it within a few hours and have stopped feeling at all that it is unusually large. It just feels natural and good there on my hand. As I said, I have typical, not overly thick wrists, and the watch fits fully from one edge to the other but is not too large. It looks gorgeous on my arm as well. The dial of the watch has a smooth curve towards the edges inside the glass. The curve is sort of ribbed and this gives it a stunning 3-dimensional look. This 3-D design gives you an idea of the depth and quality of the construction. All of the metal surface of the casing and the metallic strap are plated with dark black enamel. It is very durable and I have not experienced any scratching at all of the color. Also, the glass crystal of the watch face is well protected by the raised shield element and also scratch-resistant such that I have had no problems at all with the glass being scratched either. When you just show it in the sun, its reflection on the nearest wall looks very bright. What I mean to say is that the dial of the watch is a spectacular design, and that is the first thing which will catch your eye. Over the glass at the 3 oclock position there are two strips of black metal that boast the Diesel brand name and the water resistance of 10 bar that the watch offers. The metal strips provide extra protection to the watch glass and gives a nice masculine design detail to the watch. It shall safe guard the watch from careless minor scratches. However the edges of these metal strips may accumulate dirt over time and may require cleaning. Nevertheless the strips resemble a set of claws. The date display is nicely fitted in the watch at the 3 oclock position. It sits in between the claw ends, as you can see in the image and it looks neat there. The positioning of the date alone gives you an idea how much effort was taken to design this fantastic looking watch. I will say however, that the location of the date between the two claws does it make it a bit difficult to read the date at times because of the tight spacing there. The main color of the watch face is a stunning glossy black. It is beautiful and striking in its quality. It is surrounded by a equally colored black steel casing that is large and robust looking. The contrast between the black face and the white markings looks stunning and very attractive. On the watch face itself, the other color used is white for the markings of the numerals and other indications themselves. There are three hands for the hours, minutes, and seconds which are black with white markings. The 12 markings for the hours around the face are also white. Between them are various marking in white including line tick marks and numerals to denote the various times. The markings are a bit untraditional in that they do no not denote the usual minute ticks but instead provide 7 ticks between the hour markings and a small decimal number showing the hour time between adjacent full hour markings such as 6.5 for the 6:30 position of the hour hand. The principal hour markings also have numerals that denote the position of the minute hand at that location such as 30 minutes at the 6:00 position. There is a nice decorative Diesel tagline saying Only The Brave inscribed at the top of the watch along its curve below a large 12 denoting the top position of the watch. You feel a pride every time you look at the watch due to the tagline inscription there. Above the tagline sits the number 12, in white distinctly standing out from the rest of the watch. There are tiny design details in the watch which will catch your eye. The three dimensional nature of the curved face and the way numbers are marked on the edge of the watch to show the hours are unique. In addition, there are three small dials used by the chronograph/stopwatch feature described below.

    On the back of the stainless steel silver-colored watch casing, the Diesel logo is etched with a large depiction of the head of an Indian. There is also the tagline Only the Brave as shown also on the watch face. And there are markings for the water resistance rating and model number.

    WATCH BAND - Metal link

    Complementing the well-designed case is the very wide, black and equally well designed metal bracelet. The band feels durable even though it is pretty lightweight, and it should last a reasonable amount of wear and tear. The band links are wide and decoratively designed with nice bezel elements. The band clasp buckle squeezes to release and presses in place to lock easy to wear and remove when required. The individual band links can be removed to adjust the size, and then there are three minor adjustment holes spaced on the band clasp buckle to allow for a very precise adjustment of the size to fit your wrist just perfectly. The watch band may require simple cleaning as it has many moving joints that could accumulate debris. The watch strap buckle is also in black steel to match the rest of the watch and has the word Diesel etched on it. The links in the bracelet are fitted together at a very tight tolerance such that even though I have hairy arms, I have not experienced any pulling or plucking of my arm hairs. This is great, because sometimes metal link bands of lesser quality can be very painful to wear if you have arm hair. No problems at all like that with this watch! For unmatched strength and durability, this metal watch band is the best option to ensure long and happy usage.

    OPERATION - Setting the time and date

    The timekeeping mechanism is a Japanese quartz design and works precisely. I have had it for over a week, and it holds the time extremely accurately. I have not had to adjust it and it still matches the other timepiece that I used as a reference to set it. The large dial contains three hands with white markings for the current times hours, minutes, and seconds. Note, there is no autoluminescence glow in the dark for night visibility, so you will need to have another light to shine on the watch to read it in the dark. On the right side of the watch case, there is the main large steel lug/knob that pulls out and rotates to set the time and date. Even though there are chronograph buttons adjacent to the crown, it is not at all a problem to make adjustments to the watch time with the main knob. Like normal watches, 2 pulls are there for the knob. The first pull allows you to adjust the date. the second pull allows you to adjust the time. As you turn it, it turns the minute hand, which also rotates the hours hand accordingly. Nothing surprising here. Just adhering to standard quality watch design.

    CHRONOGRAPH - Stopwatch feature

    The most important feature of the watch besides telling the time is its chronograph. The buttons of the chrono on the side of the watch are adjacent to the main crown and are superbly sensitive. You dont need to press too hard and it will not activate accidentally or if touched lightly. The spring attached to the chronograph buttons are quite well adjusted I think. The chronograph has 1/10ths of a second count, seconds count, and minute count. It is very easy to operate and very easy to read as well. The chronograph is very accurate when I compared it with another times. That is the quality of this brilliant watch.

    The watch face contains three small dials for the chronograph/stopwatch features. Towards the 12 oclock position is a dial that indicates 1/10ths of a second as the stopwatch operates. At the 6 oclock position is a dial that indicates the seconds counter from zero to 60. And at the 9 oclock position is a dial that indicates the minutes counter from 0 to 60. Each dial has a black inner face and a white colored ring encircling it and has small white markings inside that denote the values for the time it keeps. This is in keeping with overall black/white design aesthetic of the watch and is very attractive. It gives the watch a look of complexity and sophisticated engineering. To operate the chronograph, the steel button on the upper right side of the casing is used to start/stop the chronograph which is then indicated by the three small dials on the watch face in minutes, seconds, and hundredths of a second. The steel button on the lower right side of the casing is used to pause the timer for a lap time while it is running or to reset the chronograph to zero if it is stopped. I have seen a few samples of this watch in person and noted that there is some slight variation between units regarding the positioning of the hands in these small dials. This worried me a bit that my watch did not reset to exactly zero in all the dials until I discovered in the manual that this can be fixed. This was the one feature that I had to discover by reading the manual. Therefore, if the hands are not aligning at zero, it can be fixed by following the adjustment procedure in the manual.


    Fit and finish: This watch and in fact the entire Mega Chief is a perfect example of aesthetics at its best. Even though this big watch will look great on a large wrist, it fits very well on my thinner arm as well. I actually took a chance and was unsure if it would look excessive, but I am very satisfied with how it turned out and find the size completely natural and good-looking on my arm. Refined design elements are there throughout in this watch I must say. The metal band has a wide range of adjustment and it is very easy to fit on wrist of any size. Unless you wear it too tightly, it will not leave a mark on your wrist. And it will not pull out you arm hair or cause any pain by pulling at them. That much thought has gone into the build of the watch, even to the strap. It hugs your wrist nicely, no matter what your size is. The watch, even though is a mens watch, has a unisex appeal to it.

    The watch is a heavy watch. You will always feel its prominent presence on your wrist. It will not hurt or anything, but it makes you look masculine and sophisticated. Even though it is a heavy watch, it is not a bit restrictive in your movements. I find it a true pleasure to flaunt around.


    The build of the watch is top notch. No part on the watch feels fragile or unstable. Even the metal watch band feels extremely durable and lightweight and should last a long time. It is a 100% strong watch.


    From the moment I first saw a picture of this beautiful timepiece I was smitten. The Mega Chief lines has a color and style option for every taste, but for me, this is the perfect color combination, and I fell in love with it after buying and putting it on my arm. This is not the first Mega Chief watch I have bought. I love this series and after buying a silver colored one I decided I wanted a black one also for a more military/sport look. I am extremely happy that I bought this watch. It serves all my purposes - from style casual to smart formal and even for sports. It is big, bold and dynamic - Only for the brave. It has a confidence and charisma of its own sometimes. The fact that this watch is a high quality construction for such a reasonable price is amazing and makes it an unmatched value!

    And lastly, I am so happy with the fast, trouble-free service and great pricing of Watch Shop. I totally recommend this watch and Watch Shop.

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    Ess | Mon 7th November 2016 |

    I purchased this watch as a Christmas present for my partner. The size of the face is perfect as he loves a big dial. It is very lightweight too. I am sure he will love it on December 25th :-

    102 out of 238 people found this review helpful
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    Steve wells | Sun 30th October 2016 |

    Great watch would defo buy again

    103 out of 209 people found this review helpful
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