Any watch purchased from Watch includes the full instructions as supplied by the manufacturer. These are usually specific to the watch and offer full details on how to operate your watch. Below we have compiled some basic operating instructions which apply to most watches.

In general, watches are set using the crown. The crown is the part on the right hand side of the watch which can be pulled out. On waterproof watches, the crown is screwed in rather than just pushed in. After unscrewing it, you can then pull it out as usual.

To set the date
The date is usually set by pulling the crown out by a single click. You can then rotate it anticlockwise to change the date one day at a time. If your watch features a day display as well, this is usually changed by rotating the crown clockwise.
To set the time
To set the time you should pull the crown out fully. This is one click for watches without a date and usually two clicks for watches with a date. Be careful not to pull too hard on the crown or you risk damaging the internal watch components. Once the crown is pulled out, simply rotate the crown either clockwise or anti clockwise to make the necessary adjustment to the time.

There are many exceptions to these instructions. Watches such as Citizen Calibre models feature electronic movements and you should consult the instructions supplied with the watch. Please always consult your instruction booklet before attempting to adjust your watch.

Some other models such as Rotary Sofia feature a button instead of a crown, which should be pushed in and held with a pencil to set the time.