The maker of the genuine Swiss Army knife. Since 1893, Wenger have been a well known producer of extremely high quality swiss made watches
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Wenger – Old World Meets New Functionality

Say the name 'Wenger' and many may think only of the outdoorsy sportsman who combines it with Swiss Army knives. Utter the term in fashion-conscious circles, however, and there is a good chance that several watch mavens listen up. Just like the Swiss Army knife combines functionality and elevates it to the next level with the help of multi-purpose uses, the company’s watches echo this design philosophy.

Wenger watches are essentially unisex in design, although various lines show distinct sizing differences between ladies’ and gents’ models (and are also marketed as such). The philosophy behind the basic design is one of ruggedness and a collection of functional components. These timepieces are essential gear for whitewater rafting, rock climbing, mountaineering and also swimming that quickly and easily become functional accessories for the boardroom meeting or a night on the town.

Devoid of superfluous ornamentation, it is the understated elegance of these designs that makes Wenger a name to be reckoned with in the world of daily-wear fashions. There are essentially 20 Wenger watch lines: the 'Nomad LED Compass,' 'Commando,' 'Alpine,' 'Traveler Pocket Alarm,' 'AeroGraph,' 'Battalion,' 'Rallye,' 'AquaGraph,' 'Compass Navigator,' 'TerraGraph,' 'GST,' 'Sport Elegance,' 'Standard Issue,' 'Mountaineer,' 'Open Water,' 'Ranger,' 'Off Road,' 'Field Classic,' 'Grenadier,' and 'Regiment.' Gift sets are also available.

The 'Regiment' line could be considered the flagship of the Wenger collection. It most easily bridges the gap between functional design and fashionable wear. Swiss quartz movement and water resistance up to 100 meters make it useful in outdoorsy exploits while a stainless steel casing adds the flair the fashion conscious wearer appreciates. Available with gold or silver accents, this versatile timepiece is sure to grace the arms of execs and athletes alike.

For the old-world feel, Wenger presents the 'Field Classic' Chrono model. It has a brushed stainless steel case finish, features 30-minute sub dials and luminous hands, numerals as well as markers. A nylon strap features the manufacturer logo and leather accents. A date display makes it an essential time piece for the boardroom and the trail.

On a related note, Wenger’s Field Military model presents luminous markets, hands and numerals but does away with the multiple sub dials. It offers military time markings and once again the nylon strap with leather accents adds to the rugged appearance of the time piece.

There is little doubt that Wenger appeals primarily to a masculine market share, although unisex designs and ladies’ sizing differences do make design lines and individual models attractive also for the more petite female wrist. In effect, these watches are essential for the avant-garde fashionista who is not afraid of setting a trend with unique accessorising.

Wenger Highlights:

  • Swiss made quality
  • The maker of the Swiss Army knife
  • Watchmakers since 1893

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