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When it comes to high-end precision watches, the playing field is fairly crowded. However, TX watches still manage to stand out in a number of striking and exciting ways. Since 2005, this premium watch line from the world-class Timex company has continually wowed the world, thanks to its exquisite style and many fine touches. TX watches are proof positive that timepieces can be durable and tough without being clunky and unattractive.

Watches for Adventurers
Nothing beats being out in the wild; disconnecting from the world is fantastic, but you still need to know what time it is. With TX watches, you can hit the hiking trail without losing track of the time - and do it with style. From premium leather straps to strong, etched case backs, TX watches are solid and reliable. Strapping on a TX watch is a reassuring feeling; having one with you during your adventures lends a whole lot of peace of mind.

Exquisite Details Up the Ante
All too often, watchmakers rest on their laurels and forget all about innovation. That's never a problem with TX watches, though. In addition to being incredibly strong and resilient, these timepieces boast plenty of exciting and even surprising fine details. Luminous dials, 6-hand movement and the occasional bold colour are all visible proof of TX watches' commitment to innovation, style and class.

Top-notch Materials and Craftsmanship
From sapphire crystals to luminous dials, TX watches offer up some of the most exceptional materials and features of any watches on the market today. A unique, four-motor design helps make these watches stand out in an even more intriguing way. One motor is for the second, minute and hour hands; the other three handle various other features. This proprietary feature enables TX watches to be more reliable and consistent than the vast majority of other watches that are currently available.

International Input For Out-Of-This-World Quality
TX watches are the products of a truly international effort. American innovation and Italian style are used to enhance the reliable work of a German engineering team. The resulting watches excel on every conceivable level, and are best in just about any class imaginable. Instead of buying one watch for its style, one for its features and one for its quality, you can enjoy all three in a single TX timepiece.

Quality Wherever You Go
By purchasing a TX watch, you can eliminate the need to buy a special watch for when you're out doing various activities. From the office to the hiking trail to the sea, TX watches are with you every step of the way. You'd be hard-pressed to find better watches anywhere. For people with active lifestyles, TX watches are truly top-notch choices.

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