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Introduced in 1994, Nautica combines contemporary Italian design with inspiration from the sport of sailing. Nautica watches are known for their meticulous attention to function and detail.
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Nautica is a brand that represents spirited adventure and action. It belongs to a lifestyle that is motivated, interested in new things and always ready for the unexpected. Throughout the world Nautica is recognized as the most important American lifestyle brand. Named after the spirit of adventure, during the Age of Discovery, Nauticus is Latin for ship.

Clothing changes with the seasons but your watch is an extension of who you are. A Nautica watch is for an active person who needs information on his or her wrist whether sailing, surfing, skiing, trekking or mowing the lawn. It is a watch that can go wherever you can and stay with you for all your challenges. It’s a watch that tells others that you are serious about your time. There are too many things to do in life to waste it.

Nautica recommends for this season three amazing watches for men that are affordably priced. The black leather BFD 101, is simple and yet sophisticated black on black styling with the 5-year limited warranty all Nautica watches have. The buckle is stainless steel and the case is polished silver with a pebble grain leather band. Also, the NCT-400 Brown Leather Chronograph, with a very elegant brown textured face and a croco-embossed leather band, has superior functionality, endurance and accuracy. The case is stainless steel with buckle closure and has 46mm diameter with Japanese quartz movement and, as most Nautica watches, is water resistant to 330 feet. The third recommended watch is the NST 100 Black Chronograph. This is a serious looking watch, all black IP case with black dial and orange accents. The band is textured resin. It has two subdials to split the hour, minutes and 10th of a second for accurate timing. It has a date indicator and is water resistant to 330 feet.

For ladies, there is a BFC Brown Croco Strap that matches the rich brown of the face. The case is rose-gold highlights and it has the three subdials and water resistance to 300 feet. Also for ladies is an elegant, smaller brushed silver Spettacolare watch which is also available in brushed gold stainless steel. It has chronograph movement and stop watch functionality with the three subdials and water resistance up to 330 feet. The brushed silver model has a black face and the brushed gold stainless steel model has a mother-of-pearl dial. Either of these styles would make a wonderful gift with their attractive basket weave style bracelet.

For yourself or for a gift, a Nautica watch is trendy, fashionable, very well made and strong enough to go with you anywhere for years.

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