Simple and sleek - Mondaine, meaning 'Fashionable lady', offer quality high specification Swiss watches. Mondaine is the official watch of the Swiss Railways.
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Mondaine, the official Swiss Railway Clock, made into an iconic line of watches, in 1986, with the clean, simple, elegant face and trademark red second hand. Every year since then, when the first collection was launched, a new line was introduced to bring the Mondaine touch to different audiences. There are several types of movements from a slim quartz movement to high automatics and a quartz chronograph but the style and clarity hasn’t change for 60 years.

Famous for precision and punctuality the Swiss Federal Railways have run to Mondaine clocks for over a hundred years. The red paddle that the conductors use to signal the departure of the train is immortalized in the second hand of every Mondaine clock and watch. How did this amazing punctuality come about at a time when satellite-based, quartz, radio and electric timekeeping did not exist' It happened with an ingenious method where every minute is measured by 58 seconds. The red second hand waits for two seconds on 12 for an impulse that sends it around again. This is how every clock in Switzerland’s railway stations showed the same time and every conductor knew it.

These watches are designed and manufactured in Zurich and Biberist, Switzerland with the famous Swiss made high quality standards. There are casual, sport, classic and dress field styles each with quartz or automatic movement and 2 year warranty. Each has classic lines where the function and look are so well blended they create a timepiece that seems to define time itself.

The classic ladies watch and gents watch are basically the same. The ladies watch is smaller and lighter but it has the same clean, straightforward face that gives perfect time. The EVO line is made of 100% recyclable metal. There is an EVO Cube design with the same classic face and precision timing in an elegant square steel setting as well as a Patio ladies with a curved case. EVO Gents has a magnifying mineral glass dome which makes the dial larger. One model of EVO Gents has a black face with the day and date and also comes in a square case. The bands range from steel, mesh, leather and thin bracelets for the Mondaine Lilli model for ladies.

Any Mondaine watch will inform the world that the wearer as a person who appreciates quality and isn’t afraid to show it. Their motto “Always Ahead of Time” was true 100 years ago and is still true today. Whatever your style, there is a classic Mondaine timepiece for you.

Mondaine Highlights:

  • Swiss made
  • Beautifully simplistic styling