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Michael Kors – Fashion Powerhouse and Watch Designer

Michael Kors is a fashion authority, designer and trend setter. Formally educated in the art and science of fashion design -- and also the recipient of multiple awards -- he is an internationally renowned powerhouse in the world of all things fashion. As a writer for Harper’s Bazaar, he routinely has the ear of the who’s who in show business and couture. As a judge on Project Runway, he has a keen eye for current trends and also the ‘how’ of carrying out a trend – as opposed to only focusing on the ‘what’ of all that’s currently hot.

Even though Michael Kors’ main focus is on clothing fashion, shoes and matching as well as differentiating handbag accessories, his watch collection is a must-see for the fashionista and fashion-conscious consumer alike. Both men and women benefit from his strong sense of style and unerring ability to set a trend. His watch designs are an eye-pleasing mix of sporty yet classy, luxurious yet functional and eye-popping yet aesthetically functional components.

The Michael Kors ladies’ watch collection can be broken down into the “Goldtone,” Color,” White Hot,” Ceramics” and “Leather” lines. The collection of gents’ watches is less diverse but by no means of lesser appeal. In fact, it is within the men’s line of time pieces that the fashion designer truly displays his genius of combining expected elements – such as a digital display – with a truly unique take on the design.

The results are showpieces that successfully marry fashion sense, functionality and impeccable taste. Gents’ time pieces range from colorful and playful to highly-sophisticated in the absence of all color. It is fair to say that the fashion-conscious male will be hard-pressed to find a watch that more suitably meets today’s trend needs.

Michael Kors also expends a lot of energy on the designs of ladies’ watches. Understanding the demands of accessorizing and the mercurial nature of changing styles and demands, he insists on bringing fashion mavens the kinds of designs that are both timeless and avant-garde.

A good example is the “White Hot” line that sets the color white as the main theme but then develops a classic look, cutting edge design or sporty yet elegant impression with the simple addition of gold accents, silicone strap bands or sizing differences.

Yet without a doubt, it is the Michael Kors “Leather” watch line that makes up the flagship of the collection. Gold leather, luggage brown and white or black crocco set the tone. Round and rectangular watch faces add the appeal. Bold silver and gold accents provide the finishing touches that elevate the watch collection from fashionable to truly show-stopping.

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