Lorus watches blend style, reliability, and with affordability. Though lacking in sumptuous diamonds and fine solid gold, Lorus is designed as a good, fashionable watch that does not stress the pocketbook.
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The Lorus brand was launched in 1982 as part of the Seiko Watch Corporation. As such, it benefits from a tradition of tireless research and technological development. Seiko is a great innovator in the watch making world, and Lorus is one of its crowning achievements, making timepieces for all tastes and lifestyles.

A good example of Lorus' quality and style is the men's chronograph. This handsome line has robust dials with dual-dial chronographs and small second hands. Some of the selections in this line have tachymeter bezels while others have bezels marked in five-second increments. The faces are dark with white markings and sub dials for clear visibility, though this is also a great stylistic touch. Cases and bracelets of stainless steel complement the faces with cool, metallic tones.

Lorus also has a standard men's watch with a slightly smaller dial and less features. This watch has a handsome, confident look with elegantly simple composition. There is some variation in this line, with some examples having porthole-style bezels and heavy metal bracelets while others have narrower bezels and straps of stitched leather. Some of the men's selections also have rectangular dials elongated vertically, a captivating retro look that could have been snatched from the 1930s.

Ladies' models are smaller with oval or round dials on narrow metal bracelets or leather straps. Some examples have bright colours, while others rely on the muted tones of brushed or polished metal for an appealing colour scheme. There is an air of casual beauty to all these timepieces, exemplifying femininity as much as the men's models did masculinity.

Lorus has a line of children's watches that have fun designs and colours, but they are not as frivolous as the youth watches of some other designers. The designers seem to understand that what kids really want is not a cute kiddie watch, but one that looks like Mom and Dad's. While the kids' selections are a bit brighter and funkier than those for adults, they are basically the same design. Wearing one of these, a kid can feel that he's got a watch like a grownup, but slightly cooler.

Lorus is a watch company for today. While there are occasional nods to the past, most of their designs have a modern, high-tech look that is smart, stylish and faces firmly toward the future. When that future arrives, Lorus will be there with watches for all of us.