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If you're looking for a watch that is unique, trendy and exciting, you've got to put LTD watches at the top of your list. Since debuting in 2009, these watches have taken the world of fashion by storm with their bold, vibrant colours and fun, playful attitudes. LTD watches aren't just pretty to look at, either - they are also finely crafted and incredibly durable. Whether you're a man or a woman, young or old, you're bound to be charmed by LTD watches.

True Exclusivity
Many watchmakers attempt to produce timepieces that give off an aura of exclusivity; LTD watches truly are exclusive, since each piece is only produced 150 times. In other words, only 149 other people will own the same design that you do. This neat twist is largely what's propelled LTD watches to the height of popularity in the UK, and is a major selling point for anyone who doesn't want to look like everybody else.

Bold, Exciting Style
LTD watches come in a palette of thrilling colours, and in a stunning array of intriguing colour combinations. In some LTD watches, bright green meets sunshine yellow; in others, cheerful orange meets dramatic green. In still others, a single vibrant colour is used. When you slip on an LTD watch, your wrist is bound to take centre stage.

Affordable Enough for Everyone
Considering their exclusivity and their chic appeal, one would assume that LTD watches must carry hefty price tags. Nothing could be farther from the truth, though; in reality, LTD watches are wonderfully affordable - a fact that has definitely helped a great deal with their skyrocketing popularity. In fact, these watches are inexpensive enough that you could easily buy more than one, then mix and match different colours with different outfits.

First-Rate Technology
If you think that LTD watches trade in quality in order to offer low prices, think again. Magnified date windows and precision analogue quartz movements are par for the course with all LTD watches. They are crafted out of high quality polycarbonate, ensuring that they can withstand just about anything you throw at them. Better still, LTD watches are water resistant to 30 metres - you never have to remove them, and you might not want to!

Choose Your Style
Thanks to the exciting rainbow of colours and styles that are available with LTD watches, it's a snap to find a look that will thrill you - at a price that you can easily afford. Although LTD watches are relative newcomers on the scene, there is little doubt that they are here to stay - and that they will continue to churn out eclectic designs and styles for many more years to come.

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