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Few watches in the world today have the sort of intriguing story that Dreyfuss & Co. watches do. Instead of being designed according to gender or prevailing trends, these handmade Swiss watches are crafted around key events in the life of Dreyfuss & Co.'s founder, Rene Dreyfuss. As such, each family of watches is named after an important year in the world-renowned horologist's life. Beyond their compelling story, these watches stand apart from the crowd for their exquisite design, painstaking attention to detail and solid reliability.

Tradition Trumps Trendiness
One of the biggest downfalls of many fine watch brands is that they try too hard to stay on top of emerging style trends, allowing their overall design quality to suffer. Dreyfuss & Co. watches are steadfastly traditional, ensuring that you receive a quality timepiece no matter what. The tried-and-true elegance of these watches' style guarantee that they'll look as phenomenal on your wrist in twenty years as they do right this very minute.

Top-notch Details Add Refinement
If you are fortunate enough to slip a Dreyfuss & Co. watch onto your wrist, take a good hard look at it. The amazing attention to detail is bound to mesmerise you. Each handcrafted watch includes several small, low-key details that give it an added dose of dimension and class. It's easy to lose yourself in the luxury of a Dreyfuss & Co. timepiece, thanks to its many interesting features.

High Grade Materials Ensure Durability
All Dreyfuss & Co. watches feature sapphire glasses, which are second only to diamonds in terms of strength and durability. This important detail makes these watches scratch resistant and wonderfully strong; you don't have to handle Dreyfuss & Co. timepieces with kid gloves. The high quality leather straps on each watch boast press-release functions that make them easy to put on and take off - and that helps protect the leather, too.

Built-In Water Resistance
Thanks to the ingenuity of the engineers who craft Dreyfuss & Co. watches, these timepieces are water resistant without being bulky or clunky. Instead, they are surprisingly thin and very streamlined, blending right in with whatever wardrobe you may have. The Seafarer waterproof standard is used with each Dreyfuss & Co. watch - you never have to remove your watch, if you don't want to!

Precise Swiss Engineering
Since the days of Rene Dreyfuss, every Dreyfuss & Co. timepiece has been handcrafted using the most impeccable and reliable Swiss engineering methods in use today. As a result, each carefully crafted timepiece is guaranteed to function perfectly for many years to come. Because they are truly handmade, Dreyfuss & Co. watches aren't low in price; they more than make up for that by being enduring, timeless and wonderfully resilient.

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