From the creator of the best selling clothing line, Diesel watches feature superbly styled watches for both men and ladies.
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Diesel is an edgy brand that has been creating unique fashions since 1978. Originating in Italy, the Diesel brand has expanded it's reach around the world and is known for creating unique looks that add an uptown edge to classic styles. Diesel designs watches that are great for those who desire more than a just a basic timepiece. Diesel watches are statement accessories that are extremely practical, but always flaunt the eye-catching style of the wearer.

The Styles Of Diesel Watches
Recently, Diesel watches have taken on a futuristic, cutting-edge look. From modern digital watches to classic dials, Diesel offers a variety of watches that fit seamlessly into any wardrobe. While Diesel offers watches that have the classic style of original dial timepieces, they always step up the style with impressive details. Many of these styles, especially the 2011 collections, are offering truly unique detailing. These details include the use of many interesting sub-dials and the artistic placement of the dials. Some of these dial watches also break away from classic styles and show off Diesel's inherently edgy fashions, such as the Diesel watches that feature the visible mechanical inner workings of the timepiece, which offer an interesting look.

For those who are more interested in achieving a futuristic, modern look, Diesel offers a wide variety of digital watches. These watches are set with LED panels that are both stylish and durable. Many of the new 2011 styles of digital watches are offering wild splashes of colour, set upon unique, plastic bands. These styles, which are inspired by both modern art and music, really showcase the wearers unique and bold personality. Although, more demure styles of digital watches are also popular this season. Diesel offer digital watches set on both leather and chain bands that feature of clean edges, and modern fashion. Digital watches are perfect for those who wish to exude a modern, urban style with their timepiece.

Diesel Offers Versatility And Fashion For Everyone
Diesel offers both digital and classic dial watches for women and men. These watches are suitable to wear to work, durable enough for everyday use, and also funky enough to wear for a night on the town. The Diesel brand has made itself into one of the leading fashion brands in the world, offering everything from apparel to watches, and will continue to exceed expectati

ons for many collections to come.