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In the world of watches, Cannibal simply has some of the best designs around. Their timepieces are colorful, imaginative, futuristic and undeniably cool. Cannibal's watches are superbly designed and constructed, offering a wide assortment of looks in both digital and analog formats. This company joins the ranks of new, innovative watchmakers who are showing that quality watches can be affordable to the average person.

Kids will love the amazing variety of the Cannibal Children's line. For the girls there are watches of vivid pinks, blues, greens and more. Ladybugs and butterflies cavort across the faces and bracelets of these timepieces, which range from uncomplicated models to digital chronographs. For the boys there are watches with speeding cars or bouncing soccer balls on their faces as well as some of the handsomest dial designs available from any company at any price.

Cannibal also has watches for teens and adults in their Adventure and Active lines, some with chronograph and alarm features. Some have crenelated bezels marked in five- or ten-second intervals similar to those seen on much more expensive watches from other manufacturers. In an unusual move, some of Cannibal's Adventure watches are set on a carabiner rather than a bracelet so they can be attached to a belt or backpack strap. Bracelets of leather, textured rubber or nylon fiber (NATO straps) are all represented here, adding a finishing touch of class to each creation. Many of these watches have a deliciously high-tech look, especially the digital chronographs.

It would be hard to overstate the design sophistication and sheer visual appeal of Cannibal watches. Browsing through their selection, one sees one stunning watch after another. They are original and obviously not imitating any other company's products.

There are a lot of features on some of these watches. A quick glance through the selection reveals not only the chronographs, but also models with day and date indicators and even some compasses on the outdoor models. In fact, when these watches are compared to those overpriced big-names, it's hard to see what the expensive ones have that Cannibal's watches don't have. The only apparent answer is, a big price tag.

For truly original creations that rival their overpriced cousins, you can't find better than Cannibal.

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