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Breo is a company that sells various lifestyle products, including sunglasses, shoes, watches and more. They are relatively new and their products have a modern, colorful look that is a departure from the products of many other companies. In particular, their watches are bright, whimsical and ultra-modern in design.

Breo's approach to design is strongly influenced by the youth of the company. Older watchmakers often have classic designs that have been in production for many years, and even their newer creations tend to echo that classic look. This is understandable since these designs sell well, but the watches look like museum pieces rather than modern watches.

If you're one of those people who think designer watches look like something your grandfather would wear, Breo is for you. A look at some of their popular lines illustrates the point.

In their Roam line, Breo presents a series of slim, fashionable timepieces that are anything but subdued. The case is an elongated oval of soft rubber with a rectangular face. The strap is also rubber, and seems to grow out of the case with no visible division at all. The customary lugs and bracelet are gone, replaced by this fluid, single-unit design. The display is digital and composed of four numbers, two in the upper part of the rectangle and two in the lower. If these colors aren't bright enough for you, try the Roam Neon group.

The Binary line from Breo is named for its two-tone color scheme. The case and bezel are contrasting colors, accenting the face. The dials are wide rectangles, reminiscent of TV screens. The Binary has a stopwatch function and can display time in either a 12-hour or 24-hour mode. The dial is digital and backlit. There are tapered lugs and a textured rubber strap of the same color as the case.

As the name implies, Cube is a series of square-cased watches in eye-popping shades like blue, yellow, orange and pink. The entire watch is a single color, including the dial. There are no numerals and the only marks on the face are the Breo logo and the date window. The bezels are wide and made of rubber, as are the case and strap. There are tapered lugs and a rubber crown guard. The dial has hour, minute and second hands.

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