Armani Exchange
Armani Exchange is a part of the Armani line that was launched in the United States in 1991 as a brand focused on a younger crowd. The line is mostly known for their provocative ads and was inspired by contemporary dance music and a street-chic lifestyle. The line is known as AX, which you will notice somewhere on many of the products in this line. This exclusive line from one of the world's leading brands in the world of fashion is available in more than 175 stores across the world, and is moderately priced when compared with other name brands, despite offering a supreme level of quality.

Armani Exchange watches exude the overall style of the brand and are available in mens and womens collections. Their watches have four basic principles around which they are built and designed, which are attitude, style, performance, and quality.

The women's collection has over 20 selections to choose from that are the epitome of modern timepieces with a sleek look. They have a few colourful choices, with a couple of different models coming with fuchsia straps along with one that is combined with a rhinestone bezel. They have other rhinestone selections available as well, along with traditional round faces as well as stylish square faces. They offer choices of stainless steel and gold straps as well, and also have leather straps that are fashionable and comfortable.

There are over 25 selections of men's watches that also come in a variety of colours and designs. They offer both round and square leather watches along with some colourful rubber watches. The rubber watches are available in black, yellow, orange, blue, and red. Their leather watches come in choices of black or white leather. They have choices of digital and traditional faces, and offer a variety of chronograph watches as well. The Armani Exchange mens watch collection includes some uniquely designed pieces, such as their geometric metal watch and their choices of industrial watches as well as their signature square A/X logo watch, which is also available in the womens collection.

There is a reason why Armani is known as a fashion icon throughout the world, and their watch collection is only a small part of why they have become a standard in the fashion industry. With the choices that are available for consumers in the Armani Exchange line of watches, their reputation as a leader in their industry will only continue to flourish. For those looking for watches that can add a bit of panache to their wardrobe choices, they will need to look no further than the watches that Armani Exchange has to offer.

Armani Exchange Highlights:

  • From the world's biggest fashion house
  • Some of the most inspiring and up to date designs in the world