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The Intriguing Early History of Adidas
Many people believe that the name Adidas is an acronym that stands for "all day I dream about sports." This idea has been popularly passed around for many years, but it is utterly false. While it may be used that way nowadays, the truth is that the name Adidas actually stands for the name of the company's founder, Adi Dassler. There are many more very surprising and intriguing things about the origins and early history of this popular sports brands, though; if you own a high-quality Adidas watch, you may be interested to hear about the company's ties to the Olympics, World War II and Germany.

A Company is Born
The origins of Adidas can be traced back to 1924 Germany, when two brothers - Adi and Rudolf Dassler - began marketing shoes that they produced in their mother's wash kitchen. Adi had recently returned from service in World War I and was eager to find his way in the world. Although the pair managed to make some use of the area's then-unreliable electricity, they occasionally had to resort to pedaling stationary bikes in order to run their shoe-making equipment. Considering how prestigious the Adidas name is today, it's funny to imagine its humble beginnings.

Olympic Glory is Found
As the 1936 summer Olympics loomed on the horizon, Adi Dassler was savvy enough to realise what a huge deal it would be for their shoes to be featured during the event. Therefore, he loaded up a car with a selection of Adidas footwear and headed over to Berlin. There, he approached U.S. sprinter Jesse Owens about using his sports shoes. Ultimately, Owens became the first African-American sponsor; after winning four gold medals, Owens' participation with Adidas helped the brand take off. At that time, though, the shoes were still marketed under the Dassler brand name.

World War II Changes Everything
There's no question that the Second World War changed the course of human history. It also had a profound effect on the Dassler shoe enterprise. Both Adi and Rudolf were associated with the Nazi Party in Germany during those years. When Rudolf misunderstood a comment that Adi made while they all hid in a bomb shelter, a rift developed. Things intensified when the U.S. picked up Rudolf on suspicion of being a member of the Waffen SS. Rudolf was convinced that Adi had turned him in; the brothers split up.

The Adidas Name is Unveiled
Instead of giving up, Adi Dassler decided to continue his shoe enterprise. He renamed it "Adidas" - in honour of his first and last names - while Rudolf went on to found Ruda, which later became Puma. Although both brands ended up doing quite well, there's no question that Adidas became the more successful of the two. These days, Adidas has branched out far beyond footwear. Adidas watches are worn by many celebrities and other luminaries. Although Adi passed away several decades ago, his vision lives on in the impeccable quality and topnotch design of all Adidas products.

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