Vivienne Westwood watches

A fashion force of nature, Vivienne Westwood watches embody the brand's edgy attitude and chaotic approach to creating beautiful things. Born from an act of rebellion in the 1970s, the namesake designer ditched her teaching career to design clothes and never looked back. By 1976, Westwood was dressing the Sex Pistols, who were the perfect muses for her punk rock attitude and outlandish creations.

After designing the now iconic Putti watch for Swatch in 1992, Westwood launched her own Orb timepiece the following year and demand went through the roof. Today, the Orb is as popular as ever, with dozens of designs continuing to sell out. The Vivienne Westwood collection also includes classic watches and cutting-edge creations, all of which feature the unique style the brand is adored for.

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After pioneering the punk look throughout the 1970s, Vivienne Westwood injected the fashion scene with new wave style throughout the 80s and up to the present day. Always outspoken and truly authentic, the designer's clothing and timepiece collections continue to reign supreme.


Westwood opens her first store, Let It Rock, at 430 King's Road in London, before renaming it Sex in 1974.


Westwood begins styling the Sex Pistols.


Westwood debuts her seminal and now legendary Pirate collection in London.


Westwood is awarded an O.B.E and collaborates with Swatch to create the 'Putti' watch, which has now become a much sought-after collector's item.


Westwood launches her iconic 'Orb' watch design.


Vivienne Westwood's close friend Pamela Anderson becomes the face of the iconic label.


A collaboration with the English National Ballet sees the ballet dancers wearing her creations as part of the group's rebranding.


The veteran fashion icon's timepiece collections continue to break the mould with stunning creations.


Fashion labels may rise and fall but the timeless designs of Vivienne Westwood never go out of style. Inspired by everything from Queen Victoria to politics and punk rock, no other watch brand can complement your individuality quite the same way.

Over the years, numerous A-listers from the world of film, music, and fashion have worn Vivienne Westwood creations, including Kate Moss, Pamela Anderson, and Paloma Faith. In 2015, Westwood designed a t-shirt for the Greenpeace Save the Arctic campaign, which was modelled by the likes of Kylie Minogue, Chris Martin, and Rita Ora.


Discover more about the iconic British designer and her stylish timepiece collections.

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