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This luxury brand of Italian watches, launched in the USA in 2008, uses striking, bold colours and brave ideas to capture the imagination. Using innovative materials and simple, classic shapes, the ToyWatch collection of watches expresses the quirks of the human character, without crossing over into ostentatiousness of design. Read more

Largely made from plastic or resin, and coming in a huge rage of bold colours, such as gold and camouflage, these are the perfect watches to add a touch of vividness to an otherwise plain work outfit, or to give an edge to your everyday attire. The Velvety range from ToyWatch uses plastics to create a soft texture, which is paired with bright colours to create an other-worldly effect.

Above all, the ToyWatch collection presents human curiosity and a lust for excitement in its designs. Take yourself a little less seriously this year and let your personality shine through with a one of these fabulous ToyWatches,

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