Swatch watches

Swatch watches

Swatch watches are fun, comfortable, and practical, created for men and women who like to show off their personalities. The name ‘Swatch' is a play on the words second watch, and the brand was founded to be the place to go for those who want to add a casual, quirky watch to their collection.

Superior Swiss watch manufacturing became affordable with the advent of Swatch, and the result is traditional watchmaking is blended with exciting designs. Certain to add a touch of creativity to your outfit, everyone should reserve a space in their accessory collection for a Swatch!


The history of Swatch watches is a long and innovative journey, with plenty of key, brand-defining moments along the way.


After developing ultra-thin watches since the late 1970s, the first Swatch collection is ready for launch.


The first automatic Swatch watch is released, alongside several art collaboration watches, including Alfred Hofkunst's seminal Pop Art Swatch watches.


The Irony collection is launched, with hardwearing metallic watches in a range that will be expanded throughout the mid-1990s.


Swatch Skin, the world's thinnest plastic watch, is created. A campaign featuring models Tyra Banks and Michelle Behennah help to make it an international success.


Well ahead of the future touch-screen watch market, the Swatch Touch is launched, giving wearers the option to launch special features on their Swatch watch with a touch of their finger.


Swatch has been an innovative and exciting watch manufacturer since inception, and the brand's excitement and development has never slowed. Working with world class artists and athletes, Swatch is endlessly cool. What's more, each watch is Swiss-made, which guarantees a high quality, long lasting watch – even with its affordable price tag.

Playful, cheeky, and full of surprises, Swatch isn't afraid to push the limits with its designs. Indulge your inner creative spark and wear your personality on your wrist with a colourful, quirky, and irresistibly fun Swatch watch.