Founded by Kintaro Hattori in 1881, Seiko has been at the forefront of technological watch innovation for over 134 years. As one of only a few fully integrated watch companies in the world, Seiko manufactures every component of every watch it produces, guaranteeing the quality of its timepieces.


The world's first GPS solar watch that adjusts to all the time zones on earth*.

Seiko developed its own, patented, low-energy-consumption GPS receiver, to create a watch that receives GPS signals and identifies the time zone, time and date data using the global network of GPS satellites. Seiko Astron is accurate to one second every 100,000 years and receives all the power it needs from light absorbed through the dial. Not just sunlight, it is able to use all kinds of light. Astron also has a perpetual calendar that will not need to be manually corrected until February 28, 2100.

* Daylight Saving Time and new time zones requires manual operation. Shop The Collection   


Classic inspiration. Modern expression.

Where classicism and modernity meet, drawing inspiration from the world of architecture to create a dress watch that embraces the very latest technology and design. Premier Men's collection includes quartz and mechanical calibres, as well as the remarkable Kinetic Direct Drive, a motion-powered watch. Shop The Collection   

Seiko Clocks

A wide range of Seiko Clocks for all requirements. Shop The Collection   

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