At the dawn of its 40th anniversary, RAYMOND WEIL is today one of the flagship brands of the Swiss watchmaking industry and one of the last remaining independent family-owned and family-operated watch companies in Switzerland. Offering a collection of contemporary, timeless and refined timepieces, the brand blends luxury and horological mastery with artistic emotions and affordability.

The past year has been particularly rich for the Brand with the launch of exciting partnerships including iconic music brands, renowned artists and the unveiling of a unique tourbillon masterpiece honouring state-of-the-art Swiss watchmaking whilst demonstrating its carefully handed-down expertise.

Precision, high quality, reliability and the technical nature of the materials are many standards that RAYMOND WEIL combine to create luxury, refined and elegant watches for men and women. A RAYMOND WEIL timepiece meets the prerequisites of the much sought-after "Swiss-Made" label.


Recognised for its masculine design and its architectural proportions, Nabucco is an exclusively mechanical collection. Distinctive with a robust design, it is destined for a new generation of strong-minded men - confident in their own style and appearance.

The collection, inspired by Nabucco the famous opera by Giuseppe Verdi, was launched in 2007. Innovation and watchmaking expertise combined, this collection is created using highly sophisticated technical materials - carbon fibre, titanium, rose gold, stainless steel and rubber. A perfect balance between technology and horological design reflecting RAYMOND WEIL's tremendous watchmaking tradition.

Masculine, audacious, innovative: such are the adjectives that best illustrate the architectural power and robustness of the Nabucco collection. This combination has allowed this stylish and elegant collection to enjoy rapid international success since its inception. Shop The Collection   


Freelancer, a name that endorses RAYMOND WEIL as one of the last independent Swiss watchmakers.

Created in honour of the free minded person who wishes to remain in control of their own destiny, this is a collection of urbane mechanical watches. Constantly reinterpreting itself and free from all constraints, the Freelancer conserves those elements which constitute its strengths.

Launched in 2007, the Freelancer collection saw the introduction of a visible balance wheel through an aperture on the dial. Like an artist or composer, it is with passion, creativity and precision that the Swiss watchmaker, RAYMOND WEIL assembles the components of this creation. Shop The Collection   


Maestro means "master", a person who excels. In the world of classical music, this word refers to the esteem commanded by a grand personality, composer or conductor.

The Maestro timepiece was created in 2010 and certainly demonstrates all the mastery of RAYMOND WEIL the Swiss watchmaker. The elements of the Maestro mechanical watch collection include elegance and classic design combined with innovation as well as featuring some of the outstanding technical complications well-known in the Swiss watchmaking tradition. Shop The Collection   


Noemia, a poetic and mysterious name, recalls the family dimension of the Swiss watch brand RAYMOND WEIL, taking its inspiration directly from the name of its founder's granddaughter. The watch was created in her image: innocent and delicate; yet also reflecting a modern and feminine woman.

The gracefully formed horns of the bezel merge with the steel bracelet, whose links alternate between a polished and satin finish and display curved and rounded contours. The mother-of-pearl dial gives an extra brilliance to the hours with its full-cut diamonds. Polished steel Roman applique numerals underline the watch's classic character. Fitted with a quartz movement, in 24, 32 or 36mm. The crown, with its intriguing midnight blue dome, adds a final note of harmony to the design. Shop The Collection   


The Tango collection embodies the passion that RAYMOND WEIL, the Swiss watchmaker puts into achieving timepieces of both aesthetic sensuality of design and rhythmic perfection.

With its refined and modern design, this contemporary collection appeals to both men and women. Featuring a quartz movement, the gents' timepieces boast a sober and refined style while the ladies' models are graced with mother of pearl and diamonds. Distinctive style with a balance of proportions, the Tango watch has a distinguishing signature bezel featuring six decorative screws.

Functionality marries with sensual design, making this a watch worn to suit any occasion. Shop The Collection   


This collection celebrates the artistic spirit behind every creation, whether in watchmaking or music. Following in the footsteps of the great composers, Toccata promotes RAYMOND WEIL's watchmaking know-how while respecting the tradition handed down from generation to generation within the family company.

The Toccata collection offers gents and ladies quartz models distinctive by their elegant simplicity and timeless style. The refinement of the case with its pure lines blend harmoniously with the fine bezel and rounded sapphire crystal. Shop The Collection   

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