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As one of the major designers of lifestyle sportswear in the world, Puma has invested over 60 years at the top into these watches to produce a collection that is as stylish and casual as it is precise and professional. With a range of high-quality cases made using stainless, gunmetal PVD and black ion-plated steels as well as lightweight yet durable plastic/resin combinations, every watch is as comfortable and low-profile as it is resilient and reliable; combining Puma's extensive knowledge of sports technology with its well-earned reputation for streetwear.Read more

Every watch in this series proudly wears the unmistakable big cat logo, with dials that range from the bold and the minimal to multiple chronographic configurations that, through eye-catching colour combinations and highlights, all make clarity a priority, whether you're just waking up or clocking in your latest personal best on the track.

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Mens Puma PU91116 VERTICAL - grey Alarm Chronograph Watch PU911161002

6% off
(with 20% code £50.40)
Save £54.50

Mens Puma PU91129 OPTICAL CARDIAC - reflective Alarm Chronograph Watch PU911291002

38% off
(with 20% code £70.40)
Save £15.00

Mens Puma PU10419 MODERN MOTORSPORT - gold black Watch PU104191001

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(with 20% code £72.00)
Save £18.00

Mens Puma PU10422 DEFINITION - black red Watch PU104221001

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Save £16.50

Mens Puma PU10422 DEFINITION - silver black yellow Watch PU104221002

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Save £10.00

Mens Puma PU91127 TRINOMIC - red white Alarm Chronograph Watch PU911271005

14% off
(with 20% code £48.00)