Watch Shop has had hundreds of placements in the national press, weekly and monthly magazines. PR inserts include: Nuts, FHM, Chat, Closer, News of the world, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Loaded, Zoo, Bella, Sunday Times, CNN traveller, Metro, Marie Claire, Northern Life, Daily Star, Love It!

We keep a library of high resolution images for nearly all products on this site. If you are a well profiled TV programme, magazine, newspaper or radio station, we can supply you with watches, copy and imagery. If you wish to request further information on any product or our press incentives, please contact us at the below email address.

We can offer product loans where required and are also keen to contribute to your competitions with free product which is appropriate to the publication.

PLEASE NOTE: This section is for media enquiries only. If you are a consumer, you can contact us using the support section.

We stock every major designer watch brand, from Bench to Versace, so if you need watches, watch images, watch related copy or anything else to do with watches for your publication, get in touch.

Press enquiries:

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