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How to style up a sports watch.

Article date: Tue 27th July 2015 03:32 PM
How to style up a sports watch.
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Of all the different kinds of watches available, the sports watch is perhaps the most difficult to style. Should you wear it with a suit? Is it okay to wear it to work? In fact, is it okay to wear it anytime that you're not exercising? There are lots of different opinions on when and where to wear your sports watch, and it ultimately depends on who you are, what your lifestyle is like and, most importantly, what type of sports watch you've got. This guide will help to clarify all of this for you.

The million-dollar question: 'Can I wear a sports watch with a suit?'

This is the issue that is more contested than the chicken and the egg. You'll find stronger opinions here than in a debate about Marmite.

Typically, most people would agree that the answer is 'no'. Just as you probably wouldn't wear your trainers with a tuxedo, the majority of people feel that a sports watch belongs with your casual wardrobe rather than your work or formal clothes. (Although, if your work doesn't involve you wearing a suit, this won't be so much of an issue, but you will still want to bear it in mind for any smart events you're attending.) If the occasion calls for you to look dressed up (and you can often boil this down to another question: do you wear a tie?) then you might want to leave the sports watch in your gym bag.

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We are of course, generalising. When we say 'sports watch', this could mean one of a number of styles. There are some watches that fall under the 'sporty' category that look more formal than others, such as this Nixon model. It doesn't look dissimilar to more classic-styled watches, but the added Chronograph feature makes it ideal for helping you with your workout. Watches like this might be best if you're hoping to find a model you can wear for both work and play, and draws a line under that age-old question!

If you are planning to defy convention and pair your sports watch with a suit, see if you can find any other accessories to help tie the watch into the overall look. Maybe you have a tie-pin that is the same metal as the strap, or a tie that will match the colour accent. Little touches like this can make your sports watch look really at home in your outfit, and show all the nay-sayers that it can be done.

Casual wear

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By and large, if you're going to wear your sports watch anywhere other than the gym, it's best to team it up with some casual clothes. Jeans are a safe option, and a great finishing touch might be some high top sneakers. A t-shirt, jumper, or even a casual shirt will often match this nicely, too. Many sports watches are so-called because they perform tasks that can help with exercise, but don't immediately look like they belong in a gym. This model by Kahuna is a Chronograph, but looks subtle enough to match a low-key outfit.

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Similarly, this Lotus watch is available in a range of colours, and so you can pick whichever one you think will blend in best with the majority of your clothes.

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This Casio is similarly discreet, but performs a host of functions that make it an excellent choice of sports watch. All of these are easy to style with a casual outfit.

Getting techie

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As a general rule of thumb, the more techie your sports watch is, the more likely it is to be most suitable for use at the gym (or pool, or running track). However, these kinds of watches are available at all ends of the price spectrum, so you needn't feel guilty about leaving it in your sports bag when you're not wearing it.

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This Adidas model is very reasonably priced, but still has a countdown timer and memory capacity for ten laps.

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If tracking your heart rate is your top priority in a sports watch,this Suunto model is ideal. With its super-clear digital display and calorie counter, it is a really clever piece of kit that won't cost the earth.

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If you want a watch that does everything (and we mean everything), this Polar one is the answer. It costs a pretty penny, but it is a real investment for a man who is serious about fitness.

Of course, for watches that are worn at the gym, the best clothes to team these up with are your sports ones. The right watch will give your lycras a bit of a dynamic edge, and you'll be the envy of all those non-watch-wearing chumps taking up your space at the weight rack (or cross-trainer, or rowing machine, etc.)!


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