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How to style up a luxury watch

Article date: Tue 27th July 2015 03:32 PM
How to style up a luxury watch
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Luxury watches are, well, exactly that - a luxury. As such, many people believe it would be a real shame to pair them with t-shirts and trainers and that an expertly hand-crafted timepiece deserves nothing less than quality clothing. However, this is of course forgetting that many luxury watches would look out of place with a tuxedo and are better suited to informal attire.
There is no hard and fast rule about what you can or can't wear a luxury watch with, but depending on which watch you own, there are things that might suit it better. These hints and tips should help you pick the perfect clothes to style around your watch, whether you want your luxury item to be the main focus or a complementary addition to your style.

Boys' toys

For many men, the ultimate luxury is in having all the gadgets you could need at your fingertips (or on your wrist, if you want to be really picky). There are a huge range of clever complications that can feature in a watch, meaning you can pick exactly what you want to carry around with you.

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Casio have a range of really techy watches available, including this G-Shock model. It can show the time from almost anywhere around the world and is both mud and rust resistant, as well as water-resistant for up to 200 metres. This chunky, sporty model is ideal for explorers and will therefore suit your wilderness wardrobe better than your black-tie one! It is an anniversary edition, marking 30 years since the introduction of the G-Shock design, and with only 50 models created, this is a watch that epitomises the word ?luxury'.

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As an alternative techie option, this striking Chronograph watch from Ball combines sleek titanium with a detailed, information-heavy watch face. It can be made to look both smart and casual. Instead of wearing it with a bowtie and cufflinks, why not try it with a rolled-up sleeve and tie? It will make all the difference to your outfit.

Bold and playful

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'Luxury' by no means has to be 'boring'. There are some really colourful and bold designs that will make a real statement at the end of your arm. If you don't want anything too outlandish, navy blue is a great option. This Glycine model manages to look both dynamic and stylish, and the contrasting brown on the reverse of the strap is a very subtle pop of colour.

A brown jumper or cardigan would accentuate this nicely, both highlighting the brown reverse and contrasting the rich blue. Alternatively, a more neutral coloured shirt teamed up with some brown chinos would do the trick. If you're going a bit more formal, this would of course match a navy suit, or a brown suit, or it could be the colour splash you need to jazz up a monochrome outfit – just make sure you pair it with a matching tie.

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This one from Meistersinger has a classy, symmetrical face, which is contrasted by the off-centre pattern of the leather strap, while the overall navy colouring makes it really stand out. This style of watch will look great if you want to be noticed at work, in a business meeting, or anywhere you think you need to look and feel great. Normally, you would try to match your leather strap to your shoes, but unless you've got a jazzy pair of navy leather lace-ups in your wardrobe, you might instead want to opt for a different navy accessory like a tie. Extra points if the rim of your glasses has some navy in it too.

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If you want something that is a definite statement piece, a watch with a patterned fabric strap might just do the trick. This Maurice Lacroix watch has a dynamic black and orange-striped strap, which makes it a stand-out piece. To make the most of such a bold pattern, this watch will go best with a monochrome outfit, preferably a total-black look, which will really accentuate the orange design on both the strap and the watch face.

Classic charm

For some luxury watches, only the most sophisticated outfit will do. A classic, elegant watch will look best paired with a dinner jacket, a cummerbund, cravat and even a monocle. However, if you don't happen to have those lying around, these watches will still look great with a well-tailored, sharp suit.

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This Junghans model oozes minimalist glamour, with a rich brown strap offsetting the strikingly pale watch face. Keep things coordinated by pairing this one with brown leather shoes and a clean white shirt to accentuate the colouring.

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Similarly, this Muhle Glashutte has a perfectly square watch face and will look very elegant tucked underneath a pure white cuff.

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Vintage charm is particularly appealing in a classic watch; this Frederique Constant is no exception. Somewhat resembling an old-fashioned grandfather clock by way of the Roman numerals, this watch face manages not to look cluttered despite the perpetual calendar and the cities that border the edge.

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If metal straps are your preference, this sleek Raymond Weil design may be perfect for you. With the addition of the perpetual calendar and moonphase feature, the design of this watch face is both detailed and traditional and will look great at any formal event. Try matching the rose gold numerals with another accessory – perhaps your tie clip – to coordinate your whole outfit.

These watches are called ?luxury' for a reason, so don't be afraid to really show off by styling them with complementary items. Make a luxury watch a feature of your outfit, and ensure that it gets the attention it deserves as a prized possession.


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