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How to style up a designer watch.

Article date: Tue 27th July 2015 03:32 PM
How to style up a designer watch
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A designer watch is the ultimate status symbol. It's not overly flashy or ostentatious, but it still acts as an understated demonstration of style and success. However, if you're going to rock a big-name watch on your wrist, you need to know what you can and can't pair it up with. This will depend hugely on what kind of watch it is. Here are some hints and tips to help you always stay on the right side of stylish:


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A designer watch deserves the best, and so many men choose to wear theirs with similarly top-dollar, sophisticated clothes, which often include their smartest suits and tuxedos. For this kind of suave look, you will need a classic watch to go with it, like this Emporio Armani model. The sleek, neutral colouring makes it a very versatile watch and can be matched easily by a silver tie-pin to create a sense of continuity throughout the outfit.

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This Daniel Wellington watch has a very classy, minimalist feel to it, which again makes it easy to combine with most suits and tuxedos.

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When wearing a watch with a black leather strap, you should try to ensure that your shoes are the same colour, keeping you coordinated from top to toe. Therefore, with this Fossil watch you would want brown leather shoes.

The vintage feel of this watch will pair it nicely with a stylised suit, particularly if you've made a bold colour choice and strayed away from the 'black' in 'black tie'. If your suit has that 1950s dapperness about it, perhaps with a very fine checked pattern running across it, this brown watch will really accentuate those design features.

A spot of smart casual

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Looking good isn't all about the tuxedos. A well-styled shirt-and-jeans combination can be the perfect smart-casual outfit. A designer watch might just be the ideal finishing touch. Quirky patterns and colour combinations are often the best bet when it comes to watches, but nothing too outlandish that will impact on your overall style.

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This Marea watch is perfect, with the spiral design and dual dial face complemented by a rich brown and gold colour scheme. The classic brown strap and gold casing keeps it traditional enough to bring the smart element, but these unusual design features will help it complement a more relaxed outfit as well.

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Striking colour combinations are all the rage at the moment, as is evident in this Vivienne Westwood model. The sleek black strap (which looks all the more dynamic for the lack of stitching) is offset by a very yellow-toned gold face, creating an unusual appearance that is still very classic and stylish. This model would look good teamed with a blazer and jeans.

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Ted Baker has also released some interesting models, including this one, which combines white stitching in the strap with an off-white colouring on the watch face. This is a visually appealing and smart-looking watch, which will look great for a relaxed yet important occasion, such as a party.

Everyday designer style

Many designer models are really suited to a casual, informal outfit, with bolder colouring than might typically be expected from a dress watch.

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This watch from Guess has a royal blue strap which is contrasted by the rose-gold detailing around the casing. The chunky numbers contribute to its playful and funky appearance, making it ideal for a casual look. The rich shade of blue gives it a slightly nautical feel, (not to mention the fact that it is water-resistant up to 100 metres), and so if you're combining striped shirts with boat shoes for that sailor-chic look, this is the perfect accessory. If you've got any other gold accessories within the outfit, this watch will also bring those out nicely, too.

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Similarly, this all-black Diesel model is incredibly dynamic. Just a hint of light pokes out from the watch face, with the white-tinged movements and the solid plastic strap making it ideal for a day spent outdoors – the 50m water-resistance certainly helps! Since black goes with pretty much anything, you could just as easily pair this with your grey jogging bottoms as you could a pair of light blue jeans.

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Gadgetry is often considered best reserved for casual watches; this Chronograph watch from Michael Kors certainly fits the bill bill. The chunky dials along the side and ridged casing makes it aesthetically-pleasing, along with the textured strap and the pop of colour from the bright red second counter. This otherwise monochrome watch would look good with a red t-shirt – or any other clothes with hints of red, maybe in the stitching or trim - just to bring out that little splash of colour in the watch face, along with some relaxed jeans and high top trainers.


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