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How to style up a classic watch.

Article date: Tue 27th July 2015 03:32 PM
How to style up a classic watch.
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A classic watch can really make an outfit look special. It can be the perfect addition to your business suit and a great finishing touch to your wedding tuxedo. Whether you want it to stand out or blend seamlessly into your outfit, it is easy to make a classic watch look great. Just remember: with a great watch comes a great responsibility to style it right, so follow our handy tips to keep you looking suave and sophisticated, you dapper thing, you.

Standing out from the crowd

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They say that you can't find a gentleman these days, but you can bring a debonair sophistication to your look with a classic watch. With a really standout timepiece, you can take even a more casual outfit up to the next level of cool.

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This skeleton watch from Rotary is perfect for showing off a bit of individuality whilst still remaining the charm of a classic watch. The exposed internal mechanisms make for a really special design feature, and the clean finish of the casing and strap make it a very versatile model - good for pairing with jeans and a shirt or even a formal suit.

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This Bering model is similarly attractive: The rich colouring of the strap and watch face make this one a real statement piece, and it may be best to coordinate it with other earthy tones so as to get the full effect of the design. For example, a pair of lighter brown trousers and a white shirt would be the perfect match for this watch, or alternatively something with a hint of yellow to accentuate the yellow hand that counts the seconds.

Minimal and versatile

There are lots of classic watches that have a simple, minimalist design, which makes them very easy to match up with a range of different looks. Such watches will look at home below a rolled-up denim sleeve, and just as dapper when paired with a clean white cuff and a pair of cufflinks.

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You can even afford to be adventurous with the cufflinks – these Armani ones stick to the simplicity of monochrome, with a gradual fade to make them a little bit more interesting. With neutral colours that will coordinate nicely with your entire wardrobe, it is easy to make this kind of watch an asset to your outfit.

Image 10F When it comes to adaptability, a monochrome colour scheme is pretty much unbeatable. This model comes from Royal London who certainly know the score when it comes to classic watches. Its design is simple and classy, with baton number marks contrasted by the slightly uneven strap pattern.

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A similarly textured strap can be found on this Accurist model, which has a really delicate finish by way of the dotted accents between the batons. Both of these will be easy to style up, but there is a trick to getting leather-strapped watches right: try to ensure that the colour of the leather matches the colour of your shoes, to create a sense of continuity from top to toe.

Creating some shapes

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Some people question which is better for a classic watch: a round face or a rectangular one. The truth is, many watch aficionados (or 'horologists') believe there to be little difference between the two when it comes to formality; an angular face will do just as nicely as a curved one. People perhaps question this because there are more rounded watches on the market, but this seems to be purely because they tend to be more popular. Thanks to this, a classic rectangular watch will look that little bit more unique, while still retaining that elegant, timeless appeal. This Citizen model is a perfect example, with a simple, minimalist design and a rich brown strap that will be easy to match to your shoes.

Style in silver

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While this Junkers model has no leather to try to coordinate, it does make a bold statement with its sleek silver strap and casing. If you are a regular wearer of gold jewellery, it may be an idea to leave those at home if you are opting for a silver watch. However, silver does tend to match almost any colour, so you're onto a winner here if you're looking for something really versatile. Try to find a tie pin with a similar texture to match this watch if you're dressing for a formal event.

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This watch from Skagen is similarly sleek, but with the added feature of a totally streamlined casing, creating one curved line around the edge of the watch face. With such smooth edges and light colouring, this watch will blend effortlessly with a white sleeve, and is perfect for a formal event.

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For a slightly bolder take on the classic watch, try a model that has a splash of colour, like this Limit model. Its dynamic black design and silver finish will make it stand out, no matter what you wear, and may be an excellent finishing touch to a grey suit, as well as a black one.

Classic watches are designed to last through the changes in fashion, and will forever act as an expression of sophistication. Easy to match with almost anything, they will complement pretty much everything you wear, showing the world what a stylish chap you really are.


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