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Are there any good quality, cheap men's watches? .

Article date: Tue 27th July 2015 03:32 PM
Are there any good quality, cheap men's watches? 8A

Investing in a quality timepiece doesn't have to cost the earth. Whether you are looking for something for work, the gym, a night out with friends, or a black-tie event, there are watches available that will fit the bill, without the actual bill being too horrendous! Whilst watches that cost £40 may not last as long as ones that cost £400, with due care and maintenance they can last for years, keeping you on time and in vogue.

Classic and minimal 8C 8B

When you're dressed to the nines for a formal event, the last thing you want is for your classy suit to be ruined by an inappropriate watch. For black-tie parties, weddings, and other similar occasions, you want a watch that oozes sophistication without detracting from the overall look of your outfit. Luckily, there are lots of models available that will be perfect for such an event. This sleek one from Sekonda is really smart, and the neutral colouring means it will match a number of different outfits and colours.

Vintage 8D

You don't have to go to an antiques fair to pick up something packed full of vintage charm, nor do you have to spend a tonne of money. Royal London is known for its range of traditionally styled watches, and this model is no exception. The curved numbers have a hint of an old station clock about them, and the simple colouring means that the vintage look doesn't overpower the classiness of the piece. 8E

Ben Sherman bring a similarly British appeal to their watches, including this leather and stainless steel model. Showing the date as well as the time, this smart and sophisticated timepiece has something of a wartime feel, but the slightly unusual colouring keeps it rooted in the 21st century.

Something a little bit fancy 8F

Without spending a fortune, you can find something that is both good-quality and dynamic. This Lorus watch has an eye-catching royal blue watch face, which is a striking contrast to the sleek simplicity of its silver casing. The minimalist design of the numbers keeps it looking smart though, so it is easy to match with a number of looks. 8G

If you're after something with a skeleton look, this Marea watch has some of its inner mechanisms on display, giving the watch face an attractive and intricate design.

Fantastic plastics 8H

In addition to a smart, classic watch for special occasions, you should have one that is perfect for letting your hair down and showing off your individual style. A funky plastic watch is ideal for this, and Swatch is the ultimate in patterned pieces. From prints covering the entire watch to something a bit more subtle, they have plenty of options for expressing your personality. 8I

Alternatively, Nixon have some great models in a range of bold colours and combinations, which are ideal for a relaxing day or a lively night out. This watch – has a sleek grey finish contrasted with a pop of yellow from the dials, making it really cool while maintaining that minimalist style.

Sporty styles 8J

Having the right watch can make all the difference to your workout regime. While the top gadgets like heart rate monitors are often found in the more expensive watches, less pricey ones will still help you keep on top of your times. Chronograph watches are easy to find on a low budget, including this Timex model. The clear display makes it easy to read, which is perfect for exercising. 8K

This watch from Kahuna gives you the best of both analogue and digital, and the hook and loop strap will secure it to your wrist no matter how hard you're working out.

It is easy to find a watch that is both high in quality and low in cost. There are options available for any occasion, meaning you can always look stylish and well-dressed.


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