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I'm interested in a... luxury watch

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A luxury watch is the perfect gift for any man. Handcrafted with precision and care, models from luxury brands are often rare, exclusive pieces and are guaranteed to stand the test of time. Often coming with a five or even six-figure price tag, these are investment pieces that will make for perfect heirlooms through the generations, while their intricate mechanisms ensure that they will keep you on time for as long as it sits on your wrist.

A watch is a truly timeless item to own. It is a little piece of living history on your wrist, since modern watches use mechanisms that have been in development for hundreds of years. Since many men pass their watches down to their sons, you get a sense of the history yet to come as well. Top quality watches are known for their accuracy, thanks to the intricate process that manufacturers use to make them. This means that a luxury watch is not only something to keep you looking good, but it will be totally reliable.

For a woman, expressing her personality through her accessories is easy - there are so many options to choose from, including shoes, bags and jewellery. For a man, a watch performs the same role as all these things combined, so you should select one that reflects who you are. A top-end watch can be a very subtle and discreet demonstration of success - your one opportunity to show off without really making a big deal out of it. While some big brand names will certainly sound impressive, it is important to pick one that you like now and will continue to like through the years.

The rarer a watch is, the more likely it is that it was partially or even fully hand-crafted. This exclusivity and care in creation will make it a watch to be prized forever. Picking a luxury watch can be tricky, since you need to feel confident that you will love it just as much in the years to come as you do the day you buy it. It must be comfortable, timeless and suited to you. If chosen carefully, and well looked after, a luxury watch can be yours to treasure for a lifetime.

Signs of a quality watch
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If you're paying big bucks for a luxury watch, you need to be sure it's a high-quality product that will last. The first step is in sticking with reputable retailers - you won't go far wrong if you're in the right hands.

Another key thing you can look out for is Swiss manufacturing. The Swiss are renowned worldwide for their skills in making chocolates and clocks. While we can't guarantee any superior confectionery will come as a result of this purchase, you can be sure that this little piece of Swiss construction will give you a touch of class and sophistication. Many of the high-end luxury brands have their watch movements made in-house, but the next best thing is to have movements made by Swiss companies including ETA.

Really incredible watches have the prestigious Seal of Geneva. This is reserved for particular watches which had their movements created and pieced together within Geneva and is a sign of real top quality craftsmanship. The Seal is not the be-all and end-all of luxury watches, since only a very small select group of watchmakers have earned it, so do not let this limit your selection. However, if the watch of your choice has this valued mark, you can be sure it is going to prove a worthy investment.

The more luxurious your watch, the more likely it is to be made with precious metals - not only in the casing, but sometimes in the dials too. The most common metals used are the various golds, including white gold or rose, which are classically attractive and stylish. Some watches will come with jewels embedded into the design, like this Muhle Glashutte model, which has no less than 29 jewels within the movements.

Understated style

As an item that should last through the ages, a luxury watch should be totally timeless, looking as good when you are 80 as it does when you are 21. To achieve this, you may want to choose a watch that has a simple sophistication, rather than anything that is anchored into one fashion trend or another. These minimalist designs from Frederique Constant and Junghans are ideal, since they marry the subtle appeal of a timeless watch with the intricate and precise workings of a luxury, hand-crafted item.

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The Frederique Constant model has a moonphase feature within the perpetual calendar and will automatically update itself every month. Its elegant rose plating and leather strap offset the old white face, while the casing is slim enough to look delicate yet sturdy and long-lasting.

Image 5D

This design from Junghans looks all the more minimalist for its colour-matched baton numbering and watch face, creating a clean contrast between the silver face itself and the brown leather strap. This model also tells you the day, date and week, but manages to look totally de-cluttered, even upon closer inspection.

A big price tag doesn't mean a compromise on simplicity, not by any stretch of the imagination, and these models prove that understated style is easy to achieve.

Luxury and gadgetry combined
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If you're paying for a top quality watch, you might want a few features thrown into the mix. Luckily, many luxury watches have gadgets built in that go beyond telling you the date or the month. This stainless steel Maurice Lacroix model is a chronograph watch, with an incredibly sleek design and dynamic black watch face.

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This Raymond Weil design combines the classic appeal of a smooth leather strap with a collection of techie features: It looks sophisticated and clean, despite the multiple features, proving that a multi-purpose watch can be as attractive as minimalist ones. Like many luxury watches, it is also water-resistant, ensuring that a little spot of rain will do nothing to detract from its use or appeal.

Glycine is the ultimate in top-end gadgetry, specialising in luxury watches for pilots. Their range of Airman and Combat watches, including this striking blue model, have been popular since the 1950s and show no signs of slowing down now.

When to buy a luxury watch

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A luxury watch is often the gift of choice to mark a milestone in a man's life. Many cultures and countries traditionally have watches given to young men as a coming-of-age present; they are certainly a consistently popular gift for big birthdays. Personal achievements and occasions are a perfect opportunity for a luxury watch, such as a promotion, wedding, or even the birth of a child. Once given, such watches will last a lifetime.

When to wear a luxury watch

Every man has the right to style himself exactly as he wishes. However, a five-figure watch might not look best when teamed up with some jogging bottoms and a vest, so it is best to consider which outfits will look appropriate when your luxury watch is at the end of your wrist.

The obvious match is a smart suit or tuxedo. Quality always looks good with quality, so your luxury watch will look great paired with a well-fitted suit. If your watch has a leather strap, you can create a perfect finish touch by matching your strap with your shoes, making your outfit look well-coordinated without being too overt. Perfect occasions for this are weddings, big parties, black tie events, or even big business meetings or pitches. Any time that you feel you need to look your best, it's time to wear your watch.

You can't buy style, but you can buy a great-looking watch, which is certainly a step in the right direction. A good quality luxury watch will help you look suave and sophisticated throughout your life, as a timeless piece that will match all your smartest outfits. This kind of watch will do so much more than tell you the time; it will create a legacy of style that can be passed down through the generations.

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