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I want to buy a men's watch as a gift.

Article date: Tue 27th July 2015 03:32 PM
I want to buy a men's watch as a gift.
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There are many occasions in a man?s life when a watch will make the perfect present. Big birthdays or anniversaries are ideal, as well as a graduation ceremony, promotion, or even something annual like Christmas or Father?s Day. Whether you are a partner, a friend or relative, working with a big or small budget, you can find a watch that will suit the man in your life. From sporty and casual to classic and sophisticated, there are plenty of models to choose from that will make a perfect gift.

Working with your budget

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Whether your budget is big or small, finding a stylish and reliable watch is easy. If you?re looking for something that won?t break the bank, Ben Sherman offers a huge range of watches that are low on cost, but big on style, including this model. Other brands like Timex and Sekonda have models that fall into this price category, and are similarly stylish.

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Moving up in price slightly, you can find really smart-looking watches that are still under £100 from Diesel, Skagen and Nixon. This example from Nixon has a classically clean watch face, made slightly more unusual by the trendy leather strap.

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The ever-popular Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein models can be found for around £150, including this gadget-laden digital watch from Hugo Boss Orange. This bold and eye-catching design is an ideal gift for the active man.

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Tipping over into £200+ are the vintage-style models from Vivienne Westwood, like this one, which have more old-fashioned charm than you will know what to do with.

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The classic, bold watches of Emporio Armani are also great options for big special gifts, with slick designs that denote style, sophistication, and confidence.

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At the higher end of the price bracket are the more specialist gadget watches - like this one from Casio.

However much you want to spend on a watch, finding something stylish to give as a gift is very easy. If you want more information on which watches are available at either the top or bottom end of the price spectrum, take a look at the following guides for luxury watches and cheaper watches I'm interested in a luxury watch and Are there any good quality, cheap men's watches?

His lifestyle

If the man you are buying a watch for is a real workaholic, rarely seen out of his suit-and-tie combo, you may want to look for something timeless and sophisticated. Similarly, a total gym bunny whose work is quite casual might find more use from a sports watch than a vintage-style leather one. It?s all about determining what kind of lifestyle the man in your life leads, and picking a watch to suit that.

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A sporty man will love a watch that can complement his workout regime. Something with a pulse counter, a heart rate monitor, or a lap recorder will be ideal. This watch from Adidas Performance has an interval and training timer, and it?s lightweight enough to have no impact on his exercise. If you want to know more about sports watches, check out this guide I'm interested in a sports watch

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If you're buying a gift for a man who spends most of his time at the office, something smart yet understated will be perfect. This model by Festina has a textured leather strap, as well as a clean, minimalist face, which will suit the professional environment and show everyone that this guy means business. Watches like this may be perfect if you?re looking to buy a graduation present, since they represent the transition into the exciting world of work!

Something unique and personal to him

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Many men wear watches every day, and so if you are buying one as a gift, it is important to find one that suits him best. To achieve this, you might want to consider ways that you can personalise the watch. This can be something as simple as a patterned design to something more personal, such as an engraving.

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Patterns are a great way of tailoring a watch to the man in your life. If you know he is a huge fan of polka dots, you could choose something like this navy and white polka Swatch model, which will be both practical and unique to him.

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Alternatively, if you know he likes to show off his individual style, but he would prefer a few different options, you could pick a fabric-strapped watch, such as this one from Daniel Wellington, since the fabric strap can be changed if he fancies something new.

Engraving is a very popular option for personalisation, especially if the watch is seen as an investment not just for the man himself, but as something that might even be passed down through the generations. This is a nice idea if you are buying him a watch to commemorate a certain event, such as a wedding, since you could have the date engraved.

Buying a watch for a man can be the perfect way to mark a big occasion in his life. Carefully considering when and where he will be wearing it, and how well it will match him and his lifestyle, are the keys to finding him the ideal watch, however much you are looking to spend.


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