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I'm interested in a classic watch

Article date: Tue 27th January 2015 03:32 PM
I'm interested in a classic watch
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If you are heading off to a business meeting, wedding, or other formal event, a classic watch is the perfect addition to your outfit. In the same way that cufflinks add a certain amount of sophistication to a shirt, the right watch can take you from looking good to looking great, giving your outfit a debonair edge. For such occasions, a classic watch is your best bet, since something timeless and smart will match a lot of different outfits for many years to come. This is not just a purchase, this is an investment.

Is less really more?

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When it comes to classic watches, many designers observe the old adage of 'less is more'. Calvin Klein is known for this approach, and this stainless steel model is the perfect example. With the slim line baton design that the brand has become so well known for, this is a sleek and stylish watch that will match every style.

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Bering's designs are similarly minimalist, setting a clean white face against a plain leather strap to create something timeless and suave.

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Rotary shows us how it's done when it comes to both simple and more complicated designs. This black leather model has done away with all the bells and whistles, leaving a sophisticated watch face that will suit any look. At the other end of the spectrum, Rotary masters the skeleton design, which has the mechanical workings of the watch exposed, but done so perfectly that the watch maintains a classically attractive appeal.

Image 4F If the skeleton design floats your boat but you're looking for something a bit more subtle, there are plenty of watches that offer a glimpse into the inner workings of the watch. This design from FIYTA has a classic charm in its use of Roman numerals and a slim, gold-plate casing, but the small circle of exposed mechanisms makes this a really cool little number.

Which straps work best?

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When it comes to classic watches, there are two main options: metal or leather. Plastic is a great choice for everyday watches, and ideal for sports watches, but it isn't typically right for something classic, so best to steer clear if you want something sophisticated and timeless.
Both metal and leather work really well in classic watches. Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, and Leonardo DiCaprio favour the metal strap, and these guys are often regarded as ranking highly in terms of class and style. Both Seiko and Skagen have suave designs that can help you achieve this look, with stainless steel bracelets offset by clean, medium sized watch faces. Both of these would make great finishing touches to a suit, since the neutral tones of the metal will match whatever colour combinations you pick for your shirt, jacket and tie.

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If leather is your preferred option, there are loads of models that will work as an addition to any formal outfit. You can choose between plain or patterned leather, depending on how vintage you want your watch to look, and how busy the watch face itself is. This Royal London model has a patterned leather strap, giving it a worn yet sophisticated look that you might expect from an heirloom or an antique. This is matched perfectly by the clean Roman numerals on the face.

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If you're after a plainer strap, this design from Mondaine is the ultimate in minimalist charm. The bright and understated watch face is complemented by the simple strap, and this can be teamed with a similarly plain outfit or something a bit jazzier.

Inject some colour into your style

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Typically, classic watches tend to have neutral, easy to match colour schemes, so they are wearable with a number of different outfits. However, there are many options for something a little bit bolder that will still look timeless and refined. This Sekonda model has a striking navy watch face and the simplicity of the batons and dials make it really sleek and cool. It's at the lower end of the price spectrum, too, making it a stylish but affordable purchase. Navy suits are always in style, so if you're looking for a watch to match, this may be the perfect choice.

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Alternatively, black watch faces are a dynamic and sophisticated option – you'll struggle to find anything that won't go with black! This Bulova watchmanages to act as both a statement piece and a classically attractive model, with the strong look of the black steel offset by the contrasting rose dials.

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Monochrome never looked better than on this Candino watch, with the mix of Roman numerals and batons acting as a perfect blend of old and new.

Looking suave is that little bit easier when you've got the right watch. A classic and timeless piece will be an investment in style that can last a lifetime and could make for a perfect family heirloom in the future. With the proper care and maintenance, your classic watch can give you a real air of sophistication throughout the years.


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