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A watch for every occasion

Article date: Tue 27th July 2015 03:32 PM
A watch for every occasion
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At various times in your life, you will require a certain style of watch. The one you choose for your wedding day will be very different from the one you wear for your first day at a new job, while the same applies for the one you pick for that marathon you?ve been training for. To make sure you are dressed your best at each of these milestone events, you should have a selection of good watches to choose from. This guide should help you decide which watch is appropriate for all of these and more.

The interview or the big pitch

There comes a time in every man?s life when he will have to impress someone professionally. This usually comes in the form of an interview, and sometimes as a big pitch or presentation. For all of these, a watch that combines professionalism and individuality is perfect, since it will show that you mean business, but also make you stand out from the crowd – ideal if you are one of many candidates for the job!

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This Emporio Armani number would fit the bill nicely. It is simple and understated, so you?re not in danger of looking like you?re wearing a boy?s toy, but the subtle splash of colour will make it more dynamic.

The office

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This watch may end up being the one you wear most frequently, so you should ensure that it is totally comfortable. A leather strap may work best for this, so it?s important to pick a colour that will match as many of your work clothes as possible. If your trademark style is a black suit and white shirt, inject a little bit of colour into the outfit with a tan leather strap, like this Daniel Wellington model.

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Alternatively, if you are known to sport a number of different colour schemes, you can?t go wrong with having a black-strapped watch to go with everything. This watch by Royal London would be ideal, with a clean black and silver finish that will both blend into your outfit and add a dynamic edge.

The night out with friends

We all know how messy a night out with the boys can be, so leave your luxury models at home, and instead opt for something that is stylish and robust. Fabric or plastic straps are pretty useful, since they are less vulnerable to scratches, while a rubber strap will be sure to withstand any beer spillages! It is also here that you can afford to exercise a bit of individuality, so don?t be afraid to explore some bold patterns.

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Swatch is your first port of call here, with a huge range of designs to choose from, including this grey model with bold orange dials and batons.

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This is one of the occasions where digital would look just as good as analogue. The handy alarm feature on this Casio model will help you make sure you get up in time the next day too! With a fabric strap and LCD screen, you will be able to check the time even in the darkest venues.

The workout session

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The last thing you want when you?re out running is to be worrying about damaging your watch. Luckily, there are plenty of models designed specifically for sportswear, with plenty of gadgets and gizmos to help you keep on top of your fitness regime. Adidas have a great range of sports watches available, including this lightweight black one. It has an interval timer, as well as the capacity to remember stats from 100 laps, so it can be a really useful addition to your workout.

For more information, take a look at our guide to choosing a sports watch I'm interested in a sports watch

The bow-tie event

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For something formal, a plastic or fabric strap simply won?t do. Now is the time to bring out the classic timepieces, the ones with the timeless appeal that will leave you oozing sophistication and class. Simplicity is the key here; this Calvin Klein watch is a perfect example. The clean lines of those trademark batons will look sleek and dapper with a formal suit, while the neutral colour scheme will make sure it matches pretty much anything.

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Alternatively, this Bering model matches modern detail with a vintage look and will make you look and feel like a gentleman.

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For a really debonair option, why not try a pocket watch? Nothing else quite says 'debonair? like it; this Tissot one uses old-fashioned Roman numerals to create a Downton Abbey-esque appeal.

The romantic dinner for two

The watch you wear to impress your lady will, of course, depend entirely on the lady herself. Generally, try to make a statement with your watch, but not so much that it detracts from the rest of your outfit, which will hopefully be similarly dapper!

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This Skagen watch is a great option, with a 40mm-wide face and bold monochrome design that will be eye-catching, but not to the point of being overpowering.

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Alternatively, you will look and feel like a real gentleman wearing a sleek, rectangular-faced watch like this one from Citizen. The light colour scheme will match a lot of outfits, and with a clean, uncluttered design, it leaves you room to style yourself as you please.

(Good luck with the ladies, chaps – we believe in you!)

The wedding day

Whether you are a guest or the groom yourself, you need something classy for a wedding. As a guest, you do need to make sure you?re not doing anything to overshadow the main man, so opt for something elegant but with a degree of modesty.

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This Sekonda watch has a clean gold and black colour scheme, balancing light and shade perfectly.

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This Bulova model has a more neutral colour scheme, but the simple elegance of the design is enough to make it somehow both understated and dynamic.

For the groom, only the best will do. You want to look back on your pictures and see yourself (and your lovely wedded one) as timeless, so make sure your watch is classically attractive. Don?t be afraid to make a bit of a statement with it, but ensure that your watch is not the key feature of your outfit!

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This Rotary watch should do perfectly, with its quirky yet perfectly matched colouring and a simple, clean watch face. It is a relatively compact model, which will blend neatly into your wedding attire, giving you the confidence to say all the right words at all the right times.


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