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4.85/5 Based on 150 customer reviews

Sorry, this product is now discontinued and is no longer available.


This truly classic looking Rotary Vintage Skeleton watch has a stainless steel case and round dial. This special time piece has a silver outer dial with black Roman numeral hour markers. As you can see from the image the watch features an exhibition front in the centre dial which can been seen from the front and back. The watch fastens with a black genuine leather strap and and powered by a quality automatic movement.

  • Brand: Rotary
  • Gender: Gents
  • Model Name: Vintage Skeleton
  • EAN: 5037678016700
  • Guarantee: 2 years
  • Packaging: Rotary packaging
  • MPN: GS02518/06
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This watch is supplied with:
  • Official Rotary presentation box
  • Official Rotary guarantee
  • Instruction manual (where applicable)
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  •   UK (United Kingdom)
  •   EU (European Union)

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Size and Fit

  • Case depth approx.: 12mm
  • Case width approx.: 40mm

Features and Functions

  • Movement: Automatic

Materials and Care

  • Analogue/Digital: Analogue
  • Primary Material: Stainless Steel
  • Case Shape: Circle
  • Clasp type: Strap buckle
  • Dial Colour: Silver
  • Exhibition case back: Yes
  • Hour Markers: Roman Numerals
  • Strap colour: Black
  • Strap Type: Leather strap
  • Water Resistance: Rotary Waterproof

Ratings and reviews

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Average rating: 4.85 / 5
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Sween | Tue 2nd June 2015 |

Amazing watch - Goes perfect with everything. Very elegant and classic.
It has a silver skeleton dial with a black snake looking strap - Looks worth a lot more than what it cost me!

15 out of 29 people found this review helpful
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Paul Mc | Sun 10th May 2015 |

Ive been looking for a skeleton dial automatic watch for a while now, and when I stumbled upon this I decided I would buy it straight away. It has everything I wanted, automatic movement and a leather strap, and a very attractive dial, at least I think so.

Ive had the watch 4 days now and its had quite a number of compliments, from both males and females. I set the watch by my phone and over the last 4 days it doesnt appear to have lost or gained any time, so Im impressed with its time keeping.

I wound it once when I opened the box and Ive worn it every day since, the automatic movement appears to keep the watch well wound at all times, you can tell by how tightly wound the spring is in the 1 o clock position. Winding the watch is simple, wind the crown clock wise until resistance is felt, youll also see the spring wrapping round itself.

The only thing Im not keen on with this watch is the leather strap, although comfortable and well made, I feel it is a little too shiny for my tastes, so I will be changing it for a tan leather one at some point.

Overall I think this watch is a well made, reasonably priced and pleasing to look at.

14 out of 27 people found this review helpful
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Prof | Thu 30th April 2015 |

This watch is awesome
I love the intricate detail on the front and back of the watch
The color and style outweighs the price of the product

15 out of 24 people found this review helpful
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Greg Ferguson | Fri 17th April 2015 |

This watch is absolutely excellent the skeleton style is a real eye catcher and the small gems in the mechanics really add to this, the strap feel strong and looks likely to last a while. The only issue I have is I feel it may run to fast, I have had it over a month and have found myself resetting the time back a few minutes on more than one occasion

15 out of 25 people found this review helpful
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Sam | Wed 1st April 2015 |

Watch is wonderful, well made and priced fairly. Was glad the Watch Shop carried it as I havent found it in many other shops.

17 out of 27 people found this review helpful
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Machete Supertramp | Wed 1st April 2015 |

A very attractive watch and, while it has only the most basic of function, it keeps time well and lets you tell the time with more than a dash of panache. If you need a watch and have around £150 to spend then buy it!

Well packaged in a very sturdy presentation box with standard ‘watch pillow’. Quite nice quality especially the inside of the box but not the most attractive looking from the outside.

I found the instructions to undoubtedly be the weakest area of the watch, the instruction leaflet is generic for all rotary watches but worse than that alone the instructions are not correct at all for this model. It is clearly marked a waterproof model but the instructions for waterproof models are not correct for this watch the crown does not need screwing into the closed position as the instructions state and there is only one click position not two. This is pretty poor, even though this watch is quite a budget one on the scale of watches I expect better then generic instructions, and I certainly inspect the instructions to at least be correct. There isn’t even a URL provided to where you can go to download a manual relevant to your model, which could be supplied at negligible cost.

I know it’s a basic watch not a space shuttle but when you have something that can be damaged by overwinding or getting damp/wet while the crowns not in the correct position then I think it’s best not to have incorrect, misleading or ambiguous instructions. Reasonable cost or not you want it to last!

A fantastic offer really, just have to pay to get it serviced by an approved company every three years, not a bad deal for a lifetime guarantee, but obviously this is just the mechanism not the glass or strap. As you would expect it also won’t cover abuse or mistreatment of the watch either.
Registering for the guarantee was very, very quick and easy and as I opted out of marketing material I have only had one email to confirm my registration and nothing else since which isn’t always the case with some companies whether you have opted out or not.

This watch looks fantastic, really, really fantastic. In reality from the front quite a lot of the mechanism is covered but this is done with a really attractive patterned plate with a few subtly coloured screws/fixing pins. The gold coloured gears and central section provide great highlighting to the mechanism and a really nice balance with the silver of the rest of the watch.

From the rear with the exception of when blocked by the automatic winding weight much more of the mechanism is visible but in not quite such an attractive way but I personally find this perfect. Maximum attractiveness on the front face for all to see and if you want to see a bit more detail just take it off and look through the back. Excellent design here!

The Rotary logo, face numerals and hands all work really well together with the colour scheme and style of the watch, it has quite a dressy look and is really good with a shirt or suit. I am still getting used to wearing it with jeans and a tshirt – it is in my opinion perhaps a bit too fancy for this but as that’s what I wear most of the time I am soldering on.

Look at the attached review photos to see exactly how attractive this watch is!

A nice sensible sized face of 40mm is perfect, it looks fine on my ridiculously skinny wrist and the strap fits without needing me to pierce another hole in the leather which is nice. If you have even skinnier wrists than me you might have a bit of trouble, but you’ll have more important things to worry about in that case – like how to pick up a cup of tea without you hand falling off.

The strap is good quality and comfortable with two securing bands to hold the excess strap in place. The clasp, which has rather nice rotary wings detailing, is also good quality and doesn’t trap arm seems to trap errant arm hairs. The watch is easy to get on and off, and you may want to do this more frequently with this watch than most to admire the rear view and show it off a bit.

The watch as whole fits comfortably and naturally and you forget you are wearing it very quickly. The only slight niggle is that it is quite a thick watch, though my shirt sleeves fit over it without trouble it does protrude quite a bit which means you are more likley to hit the face and scratch it on things than you would a thinner watch. But I feel it shouldn’t be judged too harshly on this front given its cost, and of course skeleton watches are always going to be a bit thicker than others.

In lieu of any decent instructions I initially gave the watch about 20 winds and it has since not needing any topping up despite my relatively office-based, non-active lifestyle. It’s been on my wrist for 8 highly sedentary days and not needed an extra winding, so the automatic function is a real winner. The automatic winding is also completely silent without any rattling noise or noise of any kind with natural wear. You can hear a slight rattle if you wave you wrist backwards and forwards like a crazy person within about 40cm of your ear – so don’t wave your arms about like a crazy person is my sage advice here.

Over the past 8 days it has not lost even so much as 30 seconds which I think is very impressive for an automatic watch in this price range. Though adjusting the time is very straightforward – just pull the crown to the outward position gives a nice audible click and rotate. Then push the crown back into the closed position again with a reassuring audible click.

Winding the watch is also simpler far simpler than the instructions make out simply rotate the dial clockwise while it is in its stander position.

I have been taking this watch off to shower even though it’s waterproof as I don’t like to get the leather strap soaking wet so I can’t comment on the waterproofing and weather there was any moisture or condensation build up which I am a little nervous about as this is the first rotary waterproof watch I have had that doesn’t have screw secured crown.


There are a few alternative Rotary offer, aside from this model in different colour schemes, if you’re happy with a mechanical wind rather than an automatic you could look at the very attractive GS02521/06 – which has what appears to me to be a much larger and more open window to the mechanism. I ruled it out because I wanted an automatic, but if that’s not important to you a GS02521/06 is worth considering though it’s a bit pricier.

I would also recommend looking at offering by Stuhrling, specifically the 393.3345K14 or 165B.334514 – various colours available.

I very nearly bought a Stuhrling instead but in the end I was swayed by the fact I have had several Rotary’s in the past so felt I knew what I was getting. The lifetime guarantee is also a serious bonus.
I don’t regret my choice at all, the Rotary GS02518/06 was a great value purchase that will not disappoint.

15 out of 25 people found this review helpful
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JB | Tue 24th March 2015 |

I brought this watch for my boyfriend, who has often said he likes watches but in the past has never been able to put up with wearing one. This watch has proven very comfortable with the leather becoming supple very quickly, and the fact that it is really interesting to look at and has gained many compliments has encouraged him to wear it long enough to get used to it. Works perfectly as well and comes with lifetime warrant if maintained so will last until he decides he wants something else. However because it is mechanical it will stop if he forgets to wear it for a few days, so not ideal for someone looking for a watch for occasional wear although it can be manually wound.

15 out of 27 people found this review helpful
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Iz Wev | Tue 24th March 2015 |

Its a stunning watch which Ive been wearing for a week now. Its a good weight and size for my wrist Im a woman of average size and I have the buckle of the watch strap on the second smallest hole. It is chunkier then most other watches Ive had but that just makes it feel more like an item Ive consciously chosen to wear instead of a functional appliance. Sometimes it doesnt always fit comfortable under some of my blouse cuffs though.

Like other reviewers have mentioned, the leather strap is stiff to begin with but has already shaped to my wrist. The tick is quick, lovely and mechanical. I sometimes find myself just watching the mesmerizing inner-workings. It feels like a quality timepiece that Im going to enjoy yes, a watch that is enjoyable for a very long time.

16 out of 31 people found this review helpful
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Jane | Sun 22nd March 2015 |

My son choose this watch as a present for his 18th birthday.
He loves it. The watch is suitable for smart or casual wear.

14 out of 21 people found this review helpful
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Jo | Thu 19th March 2015 |

Its a beautiful watch bought for my husband. It has kept perfect time and there is a fascination to being able to see the moving parts.

12 out of 24 people found this review helpful
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