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Style up: How to accessorise with bracelets

Article date: Tue 27th January 2015 03:32 PM
Style up: How to accessorise with bracelets

Whilst bangles are largely metallic, bracelets on the other hand can come in both metal and leather, or even a hybrid of both. So, you've got a wealth of options when it comes to choosing one, purely based on the looks and colour of the various pieces. However, be sure to spare a thought for which models match up with certain types of occasion.

We'll help you through the quandary of choosing a bracelet that best represents your personality, as well as helping you to choose one that's going to work well alongside your existing wardrobe. With a wide variety of different bracelet styles to explore, there's bound to be something to match every individual taste, no matter how safe or adventurous you like to be.

A bracelet for a casual look

It's the weekend and you're going out for a stroll to meet your mates or perhaps staying in to watch the telly. With any activity that requires a casual look, there's a bracelet out there to match it. As a general rule of thumb, leather bracelets are best paired up with a casual t-shirt, with the metallic varieties left to the more formal occasions, though there are exceptions to the rule!

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This Fossil bracelet is a perfect example of a simple design that will sit well with your casual clothes, coming in a two-tone brown colour scheme with stainless steel detailing. It'll work nicely with both white and black shirts thanks to its colour, though you may find that it doesn't team up quite as well with bright greens, reds and blues, for example.

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Taking on a different look altogether, this Guess bracelet is beaded in appearance, with a black and silver colour scheme. Thanks to its understated look, it'll match up with any colour in your wardrobe and could even work with more formal attire due to the fact that it's subtle and not at all outlandish.

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In contrast, this Diesel bracelet is chunky in appearance, which is altogether something different. As the strap is largely made of fabric, it's a comfy thing to have on your wrist, whilst the silver fastening and orange Diesel logo contrast sharply with the largely black facade.

Image 5.4

Back to the thin varieties, this Unique bracelet is made of two rings of leather, giving off a different look to all the single-banded pieces you normally expect to see. Coming in a dark brown colour scheme and fastening with a stainless steel clip, it gives off an essence of both style and quality.

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Shimla jewellery is always unique, with this bracelet being no different. Whilst the band is an understated brown colour, it's the detailing that really sets it apart from the crowd. With a gold-plated skull and fastener, if you like to be a little bit outlandish with your appearance, then this should fit the bill perfectly.

Getting classy

Everyone has an occasion or two they're invited to every year and it's important to make sure that you look the part. A three-piece suit will only go so far, but there's little better than a bracelet to really complete the look especially if you can find one to match up with your cufflinks, tie or even your watch.

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Still in the realm of leather bracelets, this Calvin Klein piece is well-styled perfectly smooth and rounded in appearance. Coming in a grey and silver colour scheme, it'll work well with both light and dark colours, especially plain white shirts, to give the piece and your wider outfit a real sense of contrast.

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For something a little different to the blacks and silvers that frequently occur in bracelet design, this model from Storm is brown and bronze in appearance, complete with a gorgeous mechanical-like detailing. Due to its colour, it'll work nicely with all the other brown items in your ensemble most notably your shoes and tie.

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Nothing says classy quite like Emporio Armani, with this bracelet proving that point. As it's quite thick in appearance, it's a good example of how a chunkier style can work with more formal attire, whilst its two-tone grey colour scheme should match up with most colours and fabrics no problem!

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Metal bracelets have always classically been worn together with suits and ties and, whilst leather pieces have perhaps stolen a bit of their thunder, there are still varieties out there which more than fit the bill. This Fred Bennett bracelet is simple in design, while its shiny silver appearance will look great when worn in contrast with a dark shirt, especially navy blue.

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Designed in a similar style, this Police bracelet is formed with stainless steel links. However, the added detail on this model makes it more of a statement piece, which is ideal if you're not content with wearing something understated. Wearing this bracelet to a formal occasion is sure to catch more than a couple of glances, as it's a wonderfully unique thing to wear.

No matter what the occasion is, there's a bracelet out there which can do the job, being both stylish and masculine in appearance. So, if you're looking to liven up your wrists with a bit of jewellery and you don't fancy a watch or a bangle, why not see how a bracelet can complete your ideal ensemble, whether casual or formal.

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