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Style up: How to accessorise with bangles

Article date: Tue 27th January 2015 03:32 PM
Style up: How to accessorise with bangles

Bangles aren't usually the first thing that spring to mind when thinking about the types of jewellery a man can wear. Now, though, bangles are more popular than ever before, and are very capable of becoming a part of both casual and formal attire. They are ideal for many different circumstances, including office wear and relaxing in front of the telly.

But, what types of bangles are out there, and which styles link up best with certain outfits? If you're at a bit of a crossroads when it comes to knowing which bangle is best for you, we'll take you through the array of options that are available, so you can get a better idea of which one will go best with your wardrobe.


If you're looking to achieve the casual look with a bangle, then simplicity is your friend here. A simple silver piece with just a little design work may seem a little on the understated side for some, however, it both sits comfortably and looks great resting on many a wrist – trust us!

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A great example of a simple bangle that still manages to look great, is this model from Unique. As it's open-ended, it's easy to slip on and off, whilst it's also got a shine to it that is sure to catch a glance or two. But, what should you style it up with?

The benefit of  simple styled bangles is that they work alongside pretty much anything – they're the ultimate team player. We're talking both ends of the scale here; jeans and t-shirt around the house, or a full-blown suit for an important business meeting. As it's silver, it'll also work with a whole host of different colours.

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Aside from the open styles, there are also closed varieties available too. This Calvin Klein bangle, whilst still a shiny silver in appearance, gives off a slightly different look because it is a complete circle. The logo of the household name, Calvin Klein, really sets it apart from the rest of the bangle market, too.

When looking to team this bangle up with all your favourite outfits, this shouldn't be too difficult. With no outrageous detailing and a classic silver colour scheme, you'd find it hard to put together an outfit that it wouldn't become a part of. In particular, a plain white shirt and a pair of suit trousers or dark-coloured jeans would be ideal.


Whilst many metallic bangles will do just fine for both smart and casual affairs, you may sometimes be looking for something a bit special to pair up with a suit for example. In this case, it's probably good to go with a piece that has a little more detailing on it, to really set yourself apart from all the other bangle wearers out there.

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This model from Unique has both elements of shiny and matt colours in its design, which stands out from the designs that are solely one or the other. It's another open-ended design, whilst the ends are rectangular rather than ball-shaped, which helps it to exude an extra slice of class.

When it comes to delving into your wardrobe to find something to match up with it, again this shouldn't be too much of a challenge. Whilst it's definitely a classy piece, it's also silver in colour, which makes it a very versatile, easy-to-match accessory. It'll blend with a white shirt quite nicely for example, whilst the way it will contrast a darker shirt will make it stand out on your wrist.

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Although this Calvin Klein bangle is silver again, it also has elements of black to it, which manages to provide a nice element of contrast before you've even picked out something to wear with it. The design is also quite unique in appearance, having more patterning on it than a lot of bangles out there, which allows it to score highly in terms of style points.

When it comes to styling it up – go nuts! Silver and black are two colours that go with anything, and you're lucky enough to have both on one bangle. However, as the piece is mainly silver, selecting a darker shirt to pair with it will allow it to stand out more, making a real statement.

Whilst you can get away with wearing a bangle for several occasions, there are certain models that lend themselves better to certain things better than others. As a general rule of thumb, simple styles are probably best warn with a shirt and jeans, whereas those models which come with a little more detail, are probably best left to the more formal occasions.

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